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DOMS muscle tax muscle fever muscle ache OUCH!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

So yesterday I did the monkey see monkey do thing on Coach Nicole's CardioBlast, clicking on number 6, the Cardio BootCamp, I think it was called... looked like something I could modify, and I did modify. Since I have a concrete floor, I wasn't too keen on jumping on it - so the jumpy exercises I just jumped on my rebounder and followed along best I could. For all I know, she was jabbering on about what to do to prevent DOMS but could I hear her?

So today I'm dyyyyying on the back of my legs. Got home from church and dinner with my mom and going to the post office and my legs are hurting. Again.

Anyway, for fun, I thought I'd read up on DOMS and found this really swell article. I'm not done reading it, but one of the things I love about it, so far, is the unique way of presenting the footnotes information (as well as the occasional snarky backtalk!!

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)
The mysteries of muscle fever, nature’s little tax on exercise
5,500 words, updated Dec 19th, 2012
by Paul Ingraham, Vancouver, Canada

as you can see, it's a bit longish, not quite a book, but this is the reason SparkEditors take a dim view of copying and pasting the entire contents of blogs or articles etc and prefer to include a link. Sometimes I disagree, because the link might go bye-bye. But today, I'm just posting the link. And then I'll move along. Oh and I think I'm beginning to read some blasphemy? or maybe going to be actually educated in the truth?? I got to the part where it seems to insinuate that lactic acid buildup was the CAUSE of DOMS!? (that's when I decided I HAD to share this link, plus it didn't hurt knowing that if I hurried, I could rack up a whole SparkPoint or two or three, however many we get, for posting a blog. Woot!).

For one thing, they are saying that they reallllly don't know the actual causes of DOMS, so therefore it's hard to say what to do to prevent it, or failing that, to ease the pain once you have it. Hmmm now that's refreshing! Or I'm tired...

But... here's a short list of "supposed cures" (including some I've read over the years) -
Here’s a list of popular but unconvincing treatments, with relevant evidence for each in the footnotes:

warmup or light exercise, “working it out”
glutamine and arginine supplements
icing (not just ineffective,30 but possibly even harmful )
transcutaneous32 and microcurrent33 electrical nerve stimulation
Epsom salts
drinking extra water
massage (see below) (in the article itself, since I pulled this out of context).

Soooo I'm gonna read the rest of this link tomorrow since I'm tired and its bedtime-thirty, but first I'll probably do my usual "drink extra water" and "take a bath in epson salts." - if for no reason than my body needs extra water for other reasons, and a bath in epson salts just feels good before bed. Whether or not it "cures" DOMS, it will at least temporarily distract me from the acheyness. Achey Ache Ache-ness How do you spell that word?? The Microstuff Whine-O-Gram Spelling Cheater claims I'm not spelling it correctly. Whatever! You know and I know what I mean. Achiness it is!!

The author throws down on "Vitamin I" - Ibuprophen - but oh well, I rarely use the stuff anyway. Ohhh I just remembered, I have a small stash of high powered some sort of NSAID with maybe a little smidge of opiates. It was a script that I got when I had that bursitis thing in my left shoulder last year (remember me whining about it??). Hmmm wonder if I can find that? Bet that makes Mama happy tonight!!!

I can't help it, I keep sneaking more peeks at the article. Here's a claim that Massage can actually cause more problems!! Bet that makes my girlfriend mad since she's studying to be a massage therapist. Hmmm

"Poisoned by Massage — Rather than being “detoxifying,” massage may cause a modestly toxic situation in the body"

So that's another article to read...

I gotta go!! I'm soo sleepy and achey!!


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MJ7DM33
    1797 days ago
    Very interesting blog, thanks for sharing!
    1798 days ago
    Hope you feel better today. Thanks for the links.
    1798 days ago
    Pretty interesting article! I have had DOMS myself but by the next day, if it was gone (2 days after the exercise), I knew I was okay. The golden rule for that has been that if a person is still hurting 2 days later, they did a little bit too much and to tune it down some. I have done that and now I don't get DOMS much. I hope you are feeling better today and have a wonderful week! Love, Chelsea emoticon
    1798 days ago
    thank you for the link i went to it and printed the whole article . I read slowly and i wanted to stop and read as i could . so thanks for oppotunity emoticon to do this . nothing is like we think is it ?
    1798 days ago
    When I overwork something and get DOMS, I usually find that some gentle to moderate stretching, followed by some walking, followed by more stretching, gets the soreness out. For me, it's usually overworking one muscle group, or doing a new exercise that works muscles that aren't often worked. (Like the first time I did a lot of squats!) The stretching loosens up the muscles, and some walking helps to work out the build up of (lactic acid?) whatever makes it sore.

    Hot water helps. But I prefer the stretch-walk-stretch routine.

    Good luck!
    1798 days ago
    While DOMS certainly can be uncomfortable often it is a good sign--meaning that you are providing Progressive Overload to your muscles. Eventually in the process of doing the same exact workout over land over again your muscles adapt. While this may sound good, that means your plan is not providing what your body needs to progress.

    So, if you were to keep up this new workout, eventually you wouldn't feel the soreness (unless caused by an injury, etc). That's the good news. The down side, do do the same workout forever, or you won't be providing your body with the progressive overload it needs to get stronger.

    So really, to avoid DOMS, don't try new activities--but is that good advice?
    1798 days ago
  • POPSY190
    Thanks for the link. I think the warm water with the epsom salts is probably soothing and with the extra water should see you right. I hope so, and it's less drastic treatment than some of the others you mention!
    1798 days ago
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