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YEY! 6.5 pounds down boy I needed to see that!! April 13 2013

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hi everyone , since last Friday I have tracked my food and I ask my self every time I eat something "Is this food the most nutritious and can feed my body."

Before this past week to fill me up with new energy. I have been doing a lot of reading regarding organic food and I have added food to my diet that I never ate before example avacotos, different seeds . I have been adding nuts and beans for my proteen instead of cheeze. I am making sure I am getting green vegtables everyday.
Also I strated watching portions and then as I started feeling good with what I was doing and then I made the decision to use the tracker.

I have been struggling this year with injuries and in December I fell backwards and caused a concussion. I been off work ever since with post concussion syndrome . So this means I have been laying down and trying to build tolerance just for sitting up. I have a neurologist appointment Monday and well I hope I will soon get better. I guess it just going to take time.

Anyways I had ended up gaining all my weight back, partly because of emotional eating partly because I was eating more calories then I was burning as rest laying down and head elevated at a 45 degree angle to stop the pain, dizziness and stomach . But I decided to try and take control over finding out how many calories do I need have this much rest. Slowly through small changes I am on track and figured it out.
Weigh In today big suprise! !!!!
Since Friday I have lost 6.5 pounds

As Soon as I can My first goal in exercise, is to start running again! For all that don't know me last spring I did the couch to 5 k and completed and ran my first 5 K May 2012.
Before that I ran walked a Half Marothon October 2011, before that I walked my first 8k I walked the whole thing but it was a huge accomplishment that first race.
I love running and walking I feel so good doing it and practicing.
I have long term goals of running a Marothon and I know I will it is just taking me a little longer.
Weeee Whooo
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