Road trip today!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weather was overcast and chilly so we did a road trip to Cabela's in Owatonna today. Just a nice break to get out and relax. Stopped at a another gunshop along the way since we were in the area. Nothing grabbed our attention, was just a nice outing.

Decided to sell Jim's golf clubs since he hasn't golfed in over 10 years. We brought them to several places that buy used golf equipment and found out they are too old and not big name ones so no one wants them. Will just donate them to a local thrift shop next week when it is open. One more thing out of the garage! Yeah.

Picked up Vietnamese takeout on the way home and am watching a movie and have loads of wash going too. Semi productive day that way. Might go for a walk after the movie. Not too active today so far. Also need to work on my F Class rifle and get the barrel floating. the scraper tool arrived we had ordered so now I/we can work on the stock.
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