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Girl U look Good!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

“Girl you look good, what are you doing?”

How do you answer a question like that? You answer it with full honesty. You tell them. I don’t eat a whole lot of junk, I watch what I eat, I workout a few days a week, I only do what is right for me, and I drink lots and lots of water, and lead a healthy, strong, loving, sexy, sexual life. “Girl you look good, your skin, everything looks so good!” Water! Water is the key, and I drink only what I need. I don’t eat a whole lot of meats, or pastas but I do partake in those items ever so often, but it’s ever so, and ever so can be a month from today, but I do bend and have some free days.
“So, tell me what you do to look so good.” Ugh, water, eat clean, low sugar, low sodium, low fat, low everything 6 days a week. I’ll flip and have a little something, it could be taco bell, it could be pizza with the family, it could be our unplanned family outing, but I get back to business and I make it happen. I made it happen. “Are you on Weight Watchers, do you use workout DVD’s are you taking some diet pills? Say, are your workouts hard and sweaty?”

No! I barely sweat, but if I want to get my sweat on I make sure I drink lots of water and walk during the warmest part of the day. I walk for my heart, not for my legs. “Girl, you are a trip, but I admire you and your motivation to do.” I got to admire myself too, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be standing in front of you looking like this.

You have to care about yourself. I don’t care where you’re going and how, but you have to care about yourself, and what you look like, and how you feel on the inside as well as the out. If you aren’t put together mentally, then the physical side of your togetherness won’t shine through.

So, the next time someone comes up to you like they did to me.
Don’t tell them Weight Watchers-
Don’t tell them Call Jenny-
Don’t even tell them power 90 or P 90x because they won’t do it.
Just tell them truth.
One day I decided that it was time to end the madness and do something fully for me. And why you wanted it. I wanted to feel sexy, I wanted to enjoy life, and I’m doing it all my way; because I’m mentally put together, and I want my togetherness to shine through my everyday movement. I don’t look tired or out of shape, and that’s a good thing.

Hey! There is nothing to complain about over here. It’s a win-win.

Peace & Blessings
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