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Hiked to a shipwreck today

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hubby and I invited our kids to go hiking with us today. We have not seen our eldest son for nearly a month because he's been away doing gigs.
For me that's a long time because he lives at home. The hike was across a beach which meant soft sand, hard sand, giant rocks to scramble over etc. The hike is 6kms long (3.72miles) but felt way longer due to the soft sand walking. From the stairs that took us to the beach, this was our first stretch of sand walking.

We all scrambled down the side of the dune rather than take the stairs, just for fun. Well...the young ones thought it would be fun, my knees didn't agree with them emoticon sometimes I think they forget that their mother is 23 years their senior. emoticon

We headed across the beach, it was such a wonderful day, barely a cloud in the sky, and just enough breeze to be pleasant and since its only winter sun it was deliciously warm on our backs as we walked.

On route we saw some really gorgeous birds also enjoying the beach and sea. This one is called a Data. He was wading in the water, then opening his wings to dry in the sun...why I don't know because ultimately he ended up flying back into the sea and swimming neck deep.

Some other birds that shared the beach with us were these Black Oyster Catchers.

These are extremely vocal birds if you try to invade their territory.
We tried not to bother them but still they started their piping call of warning, so we left them in peace.

After +-2km walking (1.5mile) we came to the point with its large boulders that we had to cross. But before even getting onto the boulders, we had to get across a section with gaps and water flowing between. It looks easier than it is, for us women anyway. The men just leaped across with ease - must be those long legs. Nikkie and I are both much shorter than the guys with shorter leg spans.

I'm still trying to work out why hubby took his shoes off? Those rocks were covered in barnacles and muscles and other sharp things???
Needless to say, it became my turn and I struggled to get across. The gap is just big enough to make me nervous. I cant just land on my bad knee, so it takes some organizing and then just my luck, as I finally take that step, the waves came in and filled the gully.

Once on the boulders there was a lengthy walk, sometimes climbing, sometimes dropping, sometimes crawling. The photo's are not flattering emoticon but it is what it is.

I'm trying to figure out how to drop to the sand without hurting my knee.
It looks terrifying from up there I assure you.

Nikkie trying to figure out how to get down also...lol...I'm not alone.

Looking back, this is what we scaled. (the left hand side)

Once over that mound of boulders, we were back on the beach for the rest of the walk. We got to explore some "not too deep" caves.

None of us could wait to be back on the beach and then when we were, we realized how hard it was to walk on that soft sand. Yikes it really is good cardio.

Daniel, my crazy son dared us all to eat raw muscles straight off the rocks.

Now I must tell you, that I DO NOT LIKE shell fish, tuna fish etc. Give me pilchards out of a tin and I'm okay, but sushi especially - no thank you.
But of course a dares a dare and that's a different kettle of fish (pun intended)

Daniel loves shell fish, so he was okay.

It turned out Nikkie isn't a shell fish person either. Oh my word, the pair of us were in convulsions at the thought of raw oysters.

Us girls decided NEVER AGAIN. It tasted awful, like salt and slime mixed together. I just swallowed mine whole. Yuck.

Finally we made it to the wreck.

The kids made short work of clambering all over the wreck with youthful agility.

Try as I may, I could not get up. There were no steps and nothing to aid my getting up. My sons offered to let me stand on their backs....but ooh I just thought of their poor backs with my weight on them and settled for this piece of the wreck to conquer.

We climbed under the wreck and its quite large so we got loads of exercise bending and walking doubled over, especially my sons who are taller than the rest of us.

The tide started coming in and we still had a lengthy walk and boulder climb to return and we didn't want to be caught on the wrong side of the sea. She can be a cruel enemy. We had checked the tides and knew we had time, but this was the clue.
You can see how the wreck is standing clear when we arrived and then surrounded by sea.

I kept saying SHIP wreck, but it turned out not to be a PLATFORM that got dislodged and then washed up to shore and smashed on the rocks.

Rocks?? We didn't see the wreck standing near any rocks on arrival. I googled the wreck and found a picture of when it happened in 1902.
Just look at the giant boulders that it smashed up against in front of it!!! Goodness me, it shows how the power of the sea can change sea lines and shores over time. The sea must have moved the giant rocks over the years.

Well after all our exploring I was admittedly tired, but the young ones were like wind up toys with long lasting batteries and the fun continued for them. I sat with my camera and just snapped them enjoying life and their youth.

Young love....aint it grand?!

It didn't take Cole long to notice my sitting and that WOULD NEVER DO.
I got hauled up and forced to "give him 5"

Discovered the carcass of a dead sand shark.

All that was left to do was negotiate these stairs and then our adventure would be over.

At that point all I could see was a GIANT CUP OF COFFEE in my head.

So 6 kms done and dusted, goodness knows how many calories burned, but either way it was a fabulous day spent with our kids.
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