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Rhode Island in progress for the BLC trek

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Welcome to Rhode Island!

I am so excited that everyone is coming to visit.

Here is a Rhode Island song!

Fun Facts about Rhode Island
Rhode Island Fun Facts

Although Rhode Island is NOT an island it does have islands in it. This is a picture of the old Jamestown bridge. It had been scary trying to cross this as it had been built when there was not a great deal of traffic to the island. The bridge had a metal grate as the flooring so you car would wobble as it went over it. It had one lane in each direction so you always felt that you would crash into the car next to you.

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States -1,214 square miles. Its distances North to South are 48 miles and East to West 37 miles.

Polo was played for the first time ever in the United States, in the year 1876 near Newport. It is still played.

First National Lawn Tennis Championship in 1899. The National Tennis Hall of Fame is in Newport

First open golf tournament, 1895.

1664: We got our first "seal" which said, "Mottoe, Rhode Island and Providence, with the word 'HOPE' over the head of the anker." Today, our seal is a little different. Around the circle it says: "The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 1636." It still has an anchor with the word "hope" over the anchor!

1772: Our colonists were mad at the British because they gave us tax restrictions. So, they burned two British ships that were in our harbor: The Gaspee and The Liberty.

This is celebrated each year.

1774: Connecticut and Rhode Island ended slavery in their colonies.

May 4, 1776: We declared our Independence from Britain! Make sure to celebrate "Rhode Island Independence Day" every May 4!

May 29, 1790: We were the last of the 13 original colonies of America to sign the US Constitution. We thought our Royal Charter gave us more rights and freedoms, so we waited until the Bill of Rights was added.

Newport was the vacation place for the very wealthy.

The inside of one of the mansions

I live in Narragansett which is BEAUTIFUL. I moved from New York City so it is very different

I would love to say that this is my house alas mine is not so grand! This is a house on our town beach. So when I walk the beach I imagine that it is mine!

Many movies have been filmed here:
Dan in Real Life used Eldredge as the school. I taught at this school so it was pretty exciting.

Dumb and Dumber was also filmed here and the Big Blue Bug that you can see from the highway is decorated for each of the holidays.
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