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Saturday, April 13, 2013

I have been only sporadically hitting the scale lately and it helped a lot. I was focused on doing right, and only checking my progress when I knew I had been staying with the plan. Except for today. This week I have let my eating slip, made a plan of what to eat and then tossed the plan out the window at some point in the day. So naturally my weight was up. Some of this was related to my Sodium always being the first to go when my meal plan goes sideways, but some of it was probably not. I am not a binge eater, and I do eat better than I did a couple years ago, but I still don't have a totally healthy relationship with food. I also have a pretty unhealthy relationship with the scale, and for that matter motivation and success are not as good of friends as they should be. So today I started a new streak. I am tracking my food, all of it, plan or no. If I go off the plan or don't make one I will still track what I eat and face the truth of it. In the past whenever I went off my healthy planned food I also skipped tracking. I only stay on track with food if I plan ahead, which means I am not an "intuitive eater" yet. I think I do alright in some areas even when I am off the plan, but I don't really know and it's time to face that. So today (friday the 12th) I tracked my breakfast, saw it was going to set a poor tone for the day and instead of throwing the whole day out the window I kept tracking. I knew today was going to be a long day (close to 20 hours since I made the transition to 3rd shift this evening), and therefore an odd day. But I can only learn from my eating if I am honest about it. Too many times in the past I have failed at some aspect of this journey, berated myself for failing and continued to fail to make the right changes. That has to stop. Tracking my food all the time is going to be step one in a bigger plan. Aside from the not tracking when I fall off the food wagon issue, I have noticed I do exceptionally well and everything clicks when I spend a long period of time on a 12 hour night shift. Normally at work we have a 30 day schedule of mandatory 12 hour days (6 days a week) once every 2 years. Since 2010 we have had 40-60 days of 12 hour schedule once a year, but this year we are back on track and are not going on this crazy schedule again until 2014. Every time in the past I have done really well and reached a new weight loss low I was on one of these goofy schedules. Then I go back to day shift and my eating gets spotty and I lose momentum and I let the whole system fall apart. This year I have no goofy schedule to push my momentum. I have to learn to do this properly with my normal schedule. As of Friday April 19th, I am on regular old day shift at work for 8 weeks. Eventually, but unfortunately not until June 3rd my CSA will start again this year and I will have 19 weeks of fresh fruit and veggies to help me on my way. I am already make notes of recipes that use veggies I didn't experiment with last year.

As an effort to work on my scale issues, every time I had negative thoughts about what the scale showed me, I made myself mentally switch gears and think about the positive things I have done since beginning this journey. Some of them still bear repeating.
At one time in my life I was drinking one or more (often 2) 2 liter bottle of soda a day, now I drink well over 8 glasses of water just about every day (weather I remember to tick them off here or not I rarely miss that goal). Coffee with a little flavored creamer is my sole source of caffeine and I only have one cup a day.
When I first started I would do 15 minutes on the exercise bike and feel it the next day, I spent 59 minutes on the treadmill last night to get my full 3 miles in.
I have gradually made some of my easy comfortable foods healthier so I can keep them in my rotation for the occasional blah day.
I have discovered my tastes changing, and while I still don't care for peas or green beans, spinach, cantaloupe, and a few other things have found their way into my fridge regularly. I also prefer the "whole wheat" or "whole grain" version of a lot of things.

As if this blog isn't long enough I'll give a mid month update on my April goals.
I got the 15k steps badge from fitbit on Thursday, because I had nearly half of that when I got on the treadmill and I felt good during my workout I went for it, got 3 miles in then ran around doing last minute chores just to finish off the last couple hundred steps. emoticon
Thanks to "April showers" I have only walked outside once more since my last blog, and this weeks forecast look like
Saturday - iffy, maybe rain and wind, but maybe ok for walking outside
Sunday - Warmer and nice, a good day to get some outdoor miles in
Tuesday - showers
Thursday - showers
This Monday I am going to start my Jillian Michaels video M-W-F
The scale, well since I gained about 4 pounds I am going to do my best to stay on track and stay off the scale until the end of the month.
I did get my Measures done as well, and my next measuring day is Sunday the 21st. emoticon
As for my cardio routine goal, I have really been leaning toward doing Couch 2 5k again and this time doing it outside as much as possible, but between starting Jillian back up this week and the uncooperative weather I am holding that one off until the 21st most likely.
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  • UNICORN212
    I think that plan will really work for you. That 30 days of 12 hour shifts must be tough!
    1680 days ago
    I have the same aversion to tracking when I 'do badly' with eating. I think I will follow your example and just track no matter what. Thanks for the boost. emoticon
    1680 days ago
  • FIREFLY4407
    Looks like you have done a great job analyzing and have identified and made plans for trouble areas - way to go! With the tracking you'll be able to see patterns and trends that you can use to further refine your approach. Just take it day by day, don't aim for perfection but rather for consistency in the long run, and I'm sure you'll have success!!
    1680 days ago
    Tracking is key. Good luck!!
    1680 days ago
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