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Day 2- Onward! (aka My Throwdown With Greek Yogurt)

Friday, April 12, 2013

So today is day 2 of the Protein Power "intervention" phase, and I want to start off by giving myself huge props for kicking BUTT yesterday. I was so proud, that's the best I've felt about myself in more than two years. I managed to not only keep my carbs under 30 grams (I came in at 29, to be exact), but I more than exceeded my protein goal of 62 grams by getting 79! emoticon emoticon emoticon
I did have some cravings throughout the day, which I expected with it being the first day and all. I'm used to eating some sort of fruit after breakfast and dinner, so I was missing that. In general, I found myself just craving something sweet. So I ended up having one piece of this Wasa light 7 grain crisp bread stuff I found at WalMart with 1 tablespoon of crunchy almond butter, and it surprisingly did the trick.
Anyway, with that all being said, I'm a little disappointed in myself so far today. I did keep telling myself yesterday to realise that each day won't necessarily be that successful, so I was at least a little prepared. And it's not like I screwed up big time, but I still have one meal to go in the day and I'm already past my carbs (so far I'm at 31 grams, I know it could be much, much worse) and still need to get 11 grams of protein. The thing that slipped me up, oddly enough, was low-fat plain Greek yogurt. I don't know what I was thinking, but I sort of figured it wouldn't have many carbs since it's not sweetened. I don't really eat dairy very often so the only dairy product labels I've been reading recently were cheese which generally (in the types I've come across so far) have little to no carbs. I've been using this yogurt to make smoothies for a couple of months now and had only paid attention to the protein (22 grams per cup, and I usually do about a cup and a half). So today I'm all gung-ho to make this smoothie with diet juice (3 carbs in 8 oz) and frozen strawberries (10 carbs per cup), and I look at the nutrition info of the yogurt to make sure I write it all down right and BAM- 12 carbs per serving. Whaaaa? *face palm* I was counting on that as a major source of protein (how many times have I said "protein" in this post?...don't answer that). So I made the smoothie anyway, and it was kinda gnarly cause I'm used to regular juice and like 3 times the amount of berries, but clearly I survived to tell the (ridiculously long, drawn out) tale. I'm going to research some non-dairy protein powders and see if they have less carbs, so that might be another option for the future. If anyone happens to read this and knows of any good ones please share! I don't even know where to start looking, so any recomendations would be super helpful.

This is kind of why I haven't kept a food journal in years, because I knew I'd be super hard on myself if I slip up even a little bit. But I'm gonna keep going, I only need to stay on this "intervention" plan for a few weeks til I can up my carb intake to something a little more realistic. And I know it will be worth it in the end. Just gotta keep going. *trudge trudge, pant pant*


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