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Two Steps Forward, One Back! Enforced Rest!

Friday, April 12, 2013

I pushed out 60 minutes on the elliptical feeling great, warmed up and ready to go for my favorite kickboxing video using weighted gloves.
I threw my first punch and the shock of the razor sharp pain hit me like a ton of bricks. WTF?? I had rocked this very same workout just a scant short week ago, feeling strong and powerful!! I tried again, being careful not to use full strength with the same result in my right elbow. I gritted and ground my teeth through the entire workout with some punches not as painful as others, but saw the writing on the wall, and when it was done in ten minutes (part of the Knockout Body 10 minute solution DVD) I gave it up. When finally I got out to do my first series of fitness classes of the season, a step and step interval cardio class Tuesday and an advanced Boxercise and Advanced Step Wednesday, the elbow was pretty sore, and I couldn't even so much as lift a 3 lb weight with it, but could throw punches albiet with some minor pain. This is a major set back :( Going back to pure cardio is what probably worsened my bone density in the first place. I was always a cardio junkie and ST was non existent. Big no no. I was probably leaching major bone and muscle from my body with my twice a day intense workouts :( Now it looks like I am back to square one, unable to lift anything at all with my right arm. I did do weights on my left. In leiu of the Kickboxing DVD, I put in a tough circuit training video that really focused on the lower body (263 squats of various torturous poses and also lots of lunges) and used a weight only in my left hand for the functional ST parts.
Showering up after my 120 min of exercise was tough. Equally hard breakfast prep. Mom is wanting to help me out by offering to pay for half of the cost of a Vitamix now being demonstrated at Costco ($499). I am a pure vegetarian and like my raw fruits and veggies, but am hating the endless scrub, cut up prep time, not to mention how long it takes to properly chew and down a salad before heading off to the club. Always in a last minute big rush to get things done. Its very attractive the thought of making veggie smoothies instead of just fruit shakes (not sure my immersion blender would be powerful enough for hard veggies) The only caveat is my space is very, very limited. My microwave takes up any free counterspace, meaning I would have to store and be lifting this machine out all the time :( which doesn't look too light weight to me.
Also at Costco was some great looking work out tops for only $13 and a nice bathing suit. I had discovered to my horror at the swimming pool, my black speedo had totally disintegrated, bagging and sagging with all the white lycra threads sprung out of it like a little porcupine :P People probably would have thought I was a cancer victim on chemo my suit was just sagging right off me, hadn't realized it was that bad, and I always hand wash my suits too. Fortunately, the new one, size 8, fit perfectly and was only 19.99, don't know how they get nice suits for that low. Can't get a price like that anywhere!! I also took a size small top. Me small. Petite. No longer size 18 or XL. I loved these cute little tops and bought four, in purple, blue, black and mint green :)
Its been a struggle doing my duties at the club and home. I may have to let my housework slide a little. I told the President at the Officer's Meeting, they should look a little more seriously for a replacement for me, or at least an assistent that is computer literate (a tall order as most of these seniors at the club are lucky to be able to figure out their e-mail let alone know how to use Office Word and Excel.) Most of them are mortified at touching the club computer for fear of losing precious data which is a real possibility given the touchiness of the archaic system (they are finally doing a long needed overhaul of it -when I first started I had to learn to use it with DOS as well as Windows -that is how dated it is -when our computer died we needed another XP to function with it.. I do a monthly back up, but that might not be enough. With the increasing back problem and the elbow problem, the writing is on the wall. I really need to get out from under this workload and get travelling with Mom before either of us becomes unfit to do so. The ironic part is it looks like I am the one that will get there first :P
So the bottom line is I need to rest and recover from this latest setback. A tall order when its the right elbow and you are right handed *sigh* Lower body workouts are easy enough, but I hate the thought of retrograding back into the 98 lb weakling upper body again. It only takes two to three weeks for your muscles to start losing strength.
To top it off, winter has us in its death grip. We hit record low temps and have not hit one avergae daily high ONCE this year or since winter started back with the first snowstorm Oct 15. Been long and brutal. Getting even more stir crazy with the lousy weather once again holding me back from my classes. But the thing is my card expires April 13 anyway and their processing takes at least two weeks. Maybe we will actually see a spring temperature by then :P
Never give up. But its getting a little wearing!!
One last push this weekend trying to recruit rookies to play in the rookie master bridge game coming up too soon. Its been frustrating. I am getting lots of no answers and when I do leave a message, get no response. I have to wonder if people are screening their calls and won't answer if its someone they don't recognize or don't want to talk to. With all the robo calls happening, I can see people getting frustrated with the onslaught of calls. I always try to make sure they are at reasonable time, after lunch or after supper. When I do get the rare response people have been very nice though.
Mary is going to be a sweetie and help me out after today's game to set up for the massive senior club championship game that is coming up Monday. That will be one less big load of work to do :) I am playing with a new partner today! Its very rare anyone asks me to play these days. Had a 37% game with my mentor on Tuesday and 46 % with my once a month partner so not so hot.
Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for stopping by and actually reading this missive to the very end :P
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • PCOH051610
    Just reading this now. So sorry you are in do much discomfort again. Scratch that word discomfort and let's substitute outright pain!

    I've heard of this Vitamix machines but, like you, we have very little countertop space and lifting it up and down would be a royal pain.

    Yay, for scouring the swimsuit and the workout tops.

    Take it easy my friend
    1774 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Linda,
    I've been getting into a lot of trouble with my PT for doing things that cause pain--he reminds me that while some pain is not a problem, it is wrong to force an injured body part to keep going when it is hurting. He snatched a 4 pound weight out of my left hand in the cutest way on Wednesday when I had grimaced and groaned at the same time. I would pass the same thinking on to you as you deal with that very sore elbow...
    I wish I could understand when it is time to push and when it is time to let it go--that would be best. If you know, please share the wisdom my way!
    Take care of that elbow and give yourself what you need the most!
    Gentle hugs,
    1775 days ago
    I know how hard being how active you are to have a setback! But, it is better to give it a rest than to risk more damage to it and be down even longer ! Hang in there! Maybe you can, rest for a week, not using it and then ever so slowly, start back with a very light weight on it.
    I love our blender-it purees everything, fruit and veggies! Why do you need to spend all that money when a blender is just as good. I see a blender right now (LOL-are they listening to me) to the left on my screen called Blendtec, makes delicious & nutritious meals in less than 90 seconds! I think our blender cost $35.00! Cleans up really good too, even goes in the dishwasher!
    Good luck with the bridge! Take care now...listen to your body-no more pushing it when you are in pain!!! emoticon
    1775 days ago
    I'm so sorry you were in pain during your workout and hope it's not going to dog you. Love the new clothes, though! I just ordered a bunch online. I'm looking forward to trying them all on when they arrive.
    1776 days ago
    I'm so sorry about your elbow and your back! I hope that you can get feeling alot better soon! It would be so nice and so memorable for you and your mom to do some good traveling time together! You both would relish that so much! Good luck to you!
    1776 days ago
    Hi Linda! Wow,. even though you had a tough time of it, and I'm not glad about that part, I AM glad I got to sit down with my coffee to read your blog! It's been ages! emoticon

    I can sure tell I'd quit doing my strength training! Even though I've been doing cardio every single day, my stomach muscles are just like Santa's belly; a bowl full of jelly! I am going to have to get with it, and thanks for the reminder of how important it is! emoticon

    I'm sure sorry about your elbow! I hope you can find someone willing to sit down and learn from you! They really do need to be looking for a replacement while you are still functioning at your best in that department, so they aren't left in the lurch should you catch a bug or something! emoticon

    I hope the rest of your weekend goes well! I'm about to go on a bike ride before our wind kicks up! Wind is West Texas main attribute in the Spring! emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I am so sorry about the injury. But you are certainly still keeping upbeat and busy. I really do hope that the temps warm up for you soon. I cannot imagine going so long with such low temps.
    1777 days ago
    So sorry to hear about your injury! So frustrating! emoticon

    I agree , it is important to get away and travel sooner rather than later!

    I bet you will be pleased when your weather warms up again, we here down under are looking forward to cooler weather after another summer of record temperatures!

    Here is wishing you a speedy recovery. emoticon
    1777 days ago
    emoticon be careful with that arm
    1777 days ago
    That right arm/elbow sounds absolutely brutal. Just like you to do the tough lower body workout anyhow. And buy yourself new workout tops and bathing suit (they sound very cute and great price too!). You are determined to stay fit and you will!

    Liked your comment on my competitive $ weight loss blog . . . I think you're right, a lot of Canadians lack motivation to take care of their health because they don't directly bear health care costs. But that would NOT include you, not at all (or me either!)
    1777 days ago
  • JUNEAU2010
    Drats! So disappointed about your setback! I wish I were there to help out...
    1777 days ago
    Hugs. I've been gripping about the weather, but you've got that frustration times ten plus all the other cra... I mean garbage you are faced with. Hope things are looking a little brighter for you real soon. May your weekend hold special moments. CJ
    1777 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Hang in there, Linda! I hate that your elbow is causing you such pain. I admire how you keep pushing yourself and just NEVER give up. Truly inspiring. emoticon emoticon
    1777 days ago
    As usual, I admire you doing every bit of strength training that your body will let you do. So sorry for that right elbow/arm problem. Cardio is good, but cardio and strength is best for sure. Glad you got those cute tops and are enjoying being slender. Hope you find just the right people to lighten your workload so you and your mom can enjoy more of life!! We're up to 88 degrees again, so wish I could send you some heat! Hang in there. Spring has got to be on its way. Take care, Linda. -Marsha
    1777 days ago
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