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It's da shoes man! (and a secret)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I was so excited. emoticon

I still love them.

So Vintage, so me. SO not for running.

Meet the Vintage Nike...they even have the little vintage tag on the tongue.

sleek, slender, cute...for my fat, wide, and definitely not so cute foot.

The first day I wore them they were very tight. This is to be expected as they are so narrow and I didn't care really.

However, what killed the deal is when I ran. Maybe it was just a bad run. I was at first elated because I noticed NO shin splints. Yes! Nike has always been good to me for that (must be the extra cushion they put in) However, on my 3 minute runs....even though I can normally only do 2.5 minutes I felt immediately heavy, lungs hurt, feet felt like they were "sliding" on the soles of the shoes even though they were too tight AND my baby toes were hurting from how tight they were. I couldn't even do 2 minutes. To say it was a bad run is an understatement....it truly was my worst. I don't want to blame the shoes all the way though...I really don't. I tried wearing them around but by the end of the day I'm literally prying them off my feet. It won't help to go a size or even a half size up either as I have a very very narrow heel and it already slides from one side of the sole to the other...I'm a mess, what can I say?

So, back to the drawing board I go. I've researched a lot of shoes and discover that the Sauceny's I bought, although awfully cute, are meant to be lighter and more flexible (more experienced runners I guess) and I found this list of top 5 shoes. Asics Evolution Gel 5 are what they use on the Biggest Loser...why? Because they are and I paraphrase "meant for fat runners" no lie. I'm all over that.

So, today I will take my absolutely darling beloved Vintage Nikes back to Macy's. I'd keep them and stretch them out but frankly, I'm broke and need the money to exchange my shoes. I need them by this weekend as April has been kind of crazy. Last weekend was a two day competition for cheer in Sacramento. Power took 2nd place (not bad) This weekend I am chaperoning my Missy Kate's band to Stockton where they will be doing this grand music thingie with clinics etc. She's elated as there is a "Music Therapy" clinic....as this is what she wants to major in she is beyond excited. I, however, am thinking "I have to be at the school at 5-freaking what-thirty am and not getting to a hotel til when 10?" then after the hotel we check on the kiddos, get up at 6 on Sunday to visit Alkatraz. O.o Next weekend is a two day-er in Bakersfield for the final cheer competition of the season. I say of the season, only the following week begins the new season. LOL I'm letting her go incase we do sign her up for cheer.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Oh my have I got some news yesterday!

well, as some of you may or may not know.....I'm starting to like my hubby again. He's been pretty awesome during the last year and I might even venture to use the "l" word, but I won't.

He's got his back surgery up in line for April 29th and he will be done out at the base pretty much at that time. I mean, they'll help him telecommute and such until the unit "goes away".

We live in California. As when we moved here during my oldest's senior year, I promised the family we would never do that again. Ever.

He took a job in South Carolina yesterday. It's not definite yet as there's always the final stuff to do and whatnot...but he's so excited he's beyond himself.

It's cool because it's the perfect job for him doing what he absolutely loves to do and he hasn't had that here. Actually, he HATES it here...

But, we just bought a house and my Missy Kate has two years left of high school and Nicole will just be entering high school this next year. How will this work? Well, our initial thinking is "we've done lots of deployments apart, this will be nothing" which is true except deployments are 4 months to a year and this is 2-4. Not to mention HE really doesn't do well with deployments. I, on the other hand, party like a rock star and rearrange the house (I've already got plans for the living room) and paint things pink.

I think he has it in his head that it's only for a year? I don't know....I've brought it up but he's soooooo excited. And I really AM excited for him!! I haven't told the girls and asked him not to usher a word until it was final. I know my girls and they will NOT be pleased.

So, there it is. I did tell him he was taking the yorkie. I love my TuckerMan but he's a moody biotch when hub isn't there and I told him "you will NOT leave me alone to care for ALL this by myself .... AGAIN" He at first was like "I'm not paying extra for an apartment for my dog" but I gave him the look. You know, the one that says "fine, see if you have a dog when I come out there...." that's what I thought.... He's taking the little man.

I am also excited because I have several Sparkies on the East Coast....one of them my sissy Kim!! We will still be about 10 hours apart but that's better than practically 48 states apart!! LOL My luck, I'll get there and she'll move back home!! (I'll beat you girl so help me :p)

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Spark Related:
I have been trying to track better. I tried to go without coffee. My first day without coffee my husband brought me a Starbucks (first time in weeks go figure) 2nd day brought on the coffee headaches, which I didn't think I would get since I only drink 3 cups a day, and 3rd day I didn't even try.

Exercise has been so sporadic. I've been trying to do the DVDs but it's been a battle with the television time. I think I'm going to have to go back to getting up extra early and I will because I want this body jiggle free d@mmit!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm sitting in the cheer competition with a couple of other parents. Another mom leans over and says something about something being some sort of influence on the girls and making them turn into lesbians. I looked at her and said "well, I hope so, how do you think I was going to avoid teen pregnancy?"

I think she peed her pants she laughed so hard.

That is all.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow. Enough said!
    1762 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    LOL...I always love your blogs Cori! Hey, I'm an East coaster, LOL! I know, you knew that. I am sure you guys will figure out a way to may everything work and it will work out for the best. I am so glad that you and DH are in the place your are in now. I feel like I've been through a lot with you over the last couple of years!!

    Sorry the shoes didn't work out. "Socks" as Preston's says (he tries to say sucks, but it sounds like socks). Good luck with new "fat runners" shoes...goof ball.

    Wonder if I can talk hubby into painting our room pink since the baby is sharing it with us. LOL!!!
    1769 days ago
    There are times that I read comments and have to scratch my head. It is obvious that some people make comments without knowing the whole story...AND if they would take the time to do some "back peddling" and read past blogs they would know that this move has NOTHING to do with alone time or clouds of any color. This is a move that is being thought about and possibly made to be closer to ME....hahaha just kidding. For real though it is a move that can secure a great retirement and a great future "after kids". Don't let people that only see half the store get to you. You and Hubby are doing what is needed for you both to make a successful life once the kids are gone.....and did I mention CLOSER TO ME!! (I know I'm greedy!)
    1769 days ago
    LOL In our house to "like" someone is to love them even more. You can LOVE anyone. I love my kids, teenagers fall in love and out of love all the time. We HAVE to love, love our parents, love our spouses, love love love love...it's really rather a useless word in itself.

    but to LIKE someone. That's a choice. You don't have to like someone you love...ever. So, in our house, if we like someone...well, that trumps love any day. So, when I say I don't believe in love? Now ya know why.

    Hubby and I HAD problems and yes, I must admit I still harbor stuff...very cautious I am. But as far as the move, I'm excited for him. Just not myself. I don't want to move yet AND I promised my girls a stable place until graduation. That's where the conflict came in...not US the move itself.

    Hope that clarified some stuff :o)
    1769 days ago
  • SHOES17
    The right shoes are everything. SHOES17 Reebox Realflex are for me. My mom just had a total hip, right before the surgery I bought her a pair. She hate them and then blamed them. Now they are the only thing she will wear. As our bodies change are needs change. :)
    1770 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/14/2013 1:15:35 PM
    Finding the right shoe can be a pain and it is very disheartening when you find one you love and it doesn't fit the job :( But I am sure you will find a pair that will fit both of
    your needs. And it looks that you need shoes that can take some wear and tear with all the running around you are doing!
    Don't you find interesting that as you peel layers of yourself, that not only does your perspective changes of others but how others see you changes too? I hope that you and hubby are able to find what got lost over the years and you become stronger than ever!. emoticon
    1771 days ago
    I know it's hard to find shoes that fit the individual. I really like my New Balance -- but I'm not a runner (only a walker) -- and I'm sure runners have more obstacles to overcome than we do as walkers.

    Why do I get the feeling that hanging above all this hilarity is a little black cloud? Are you two having some serious problems? Or is this an excuse for a little "alone" time?
    1772 days ago
  • CDCSMITH2013
    Wow, lots to digest there. Sorry your nice new shoes didn't measure up.
    1772 days ago
    Wow, you have been busy...... Shesh!

    The exchange of the shoes is a good idea, especially when funds are tight.

    Using the "L"-word, is a bit much. "L"-word requires: trust, faith, loyalty, determination, self-sacrifice, doing for the other before yourself, communication, sympathy, caring, patience, hope, charity, standing your ground, giving in, exercising restraint, openness, and is a lot of responsibility.

    Good Luck with the Mr. Husband and his new job.

    Congrats on the coffee kick.

    Exercising - You can do it!!! Get back in there and show 'em who's da woman! Kick their bum and take names later!! ;-)

    Congrats to the cheerleader.

    I dang near peed on myself at your response! lol.

    Have a wonderful weekend Chica!!
    1772 days ago
  • ARW715
    You crack me up!

    Suckie about the shoes - you were so excited! Are you going to get different ones? I have this great pair of shoes i was so excited about pulling out for spring, but they don't fit anymore. My fat feet have gotten less fat and they are leather and stretched out. After the 5k, I am getting some new ones.

    Congrats on the new job!
    1772 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    So much info here!

    First, sorry about the shoes - that sucks!!

    Awesome about the hubs! I'm sure you guys will figure out the best thing for your family.

    Coffee headaches = sucksville!

    Love your method on preventing teen pregnancy!!

    1772 days ago
    Sorry to hear the new shoes did not live up to their expectations! Hope you find a pair that works for you. As for me, I am always stuck with the Kmart specials-lol!
    1772 days ago
    Those shoes look so retro, but I do really like them!
    1772 days ago
    I like a gal that uses the word "thingie" in her blog! Ha!! That last part cracked me up too! As for the shoes.....I love them, but I completely understand as I have wide feet too. I can't get a pair of heels for work to save my life. I got some Asics that seem to be working for me for running. I guess it's best to try different ones until you find one that is comfortable.
    1772 days ago
    Oh that was funny, at the end of your blog!! hee hee ha ha

    About the shoes, I had the hardest time fitting my feet because my arches are really high and it makes my feet "tall" so no shoes are comfortable over the tops of them. I usually get super wide shoes to compensate, which of course means my feet slide all over them and I get blisters in my heels until my feet "adjust" to them. But I have switched to "barefoot" shoes, I have Fila but I'm wanting to try the Vibrams. I LOVE them and can't see ever going back to our industrialized solution to nature's perfection.

    Humans ran and did Olympics and hunted and all kinds of things in just our feet for thousands of years. Todays athletic shoes have only been in existence for less than 100 years and since then, injuries haven't gone down at all. Plus marketed shoes have a slight drop from heel to toe, to force you to land on your heel. What sense does it make to land on the heel with a long straight inflexible bone bracing it, when you could land on your instep (springy and arched) or the ball of your foot/your toes (completely flexible)?

    Just my 2 cents..
    1773 days ago
    OHHHHH....I forgot, about the pink walls and him being away, should I fly out there during these couple years and we can make another Poker Bathroom???? Did someone say Red Walls????
    1773 days ago
    You are the most positive person I know--thank you! I can't imagine living away from my hubby for more than a week let alone years. Every time I hear of military families and what they all give up; I'm so grateful--I can't imagine the sacrifices you (and your hubby and kids have made) for me. Again, thank you!

    I've had shoes disappoint me the same way!!!! We did have the same Sauconey shoes--pink with black, so cute but KILLED my knees!!! I didn't realize how touchy my feet/body were until I changed shoes. One thing I just learned the hard way, don't start running or walking long distances until you've broken them in--literally wear them around the house and do small increments with them before going out for your regular distances. I don't blame you for taking them back. Shoes are expensive! Post pics of the new ones when you get them, and if you get a chance.

    May the force be with you this weekend! :)
    1773 days ago
    I will have to look into the "fat running shoes" maybe that is the secret and can help me last longer. I love my new shoes but anything to keep me running longer sounds good to me!

    I promise you that I will not move away from Philly. While my heart is still on the West coast I have grown to love it here and "gulp" the weather! Plus we are going to start a tradition when you do get your bottom over here and do a week in a shore house on the SC beaches!

    You know you could have Trin move out there with Dad and start High school out there...then your not up rooting her. Although I still say if she knows how big cheer is out here she would be on the next plane! I'm thinking that we need to work on our girls and have them go to the same college.....how cool would that be! LOL
    1773 days ago
    Oh that last comment! Hard to remember anything else - FANTASTIC!!! You are just so cute.

    Sorry about your shoes, they were cute. Fingers crossed you find the right match.

    Sounds like you and hubby have a real mess to figure out. Somehow, I think you will.

    1773 days ago
    I love the shoes, but alas you may have to keep them for fashion only occasions, but perhaps not with the sparkly dress and gucci bag, LOL. Also, you lesbian commit made me laugh.

    If you don't mind, tell me if you decide to juice fast. I am doing it now, but could use more who are doing it around me.
    1773 days ago
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