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Good News , Bad News

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

I went through my yearly mine safety training session yesterday. While 99% of what happened is of no real interest here, I do get a free yearly screening and hearing check and then in another year or so I will probably also get a respritory exam to compare against my baseline to make sure I am not getting a lung condition from all of the things associated with mining. Being on an outside crew minimizes this aspect alot so no worries there.

The good news:

My blood work is fantastic!
Total Cholesterol: 138
HDL: 41
LDL: 75
Triglycerides: 108
Glucose: 97
Total Cholesterol / HDL ratio 3.3

Wow, that was great :) We have a tendency to love the externals of weight loss like we love cars... we love the polish, the clean interior, creature comforts and the new car smell BUT it's what's going on under the hood is what matters in the long run.

So far, my engine is running fine, the oil says so :)

Now for the bad news...

My hearing.

I have seen the charts over the last 5 years and there has been a degradation in my hearing, especially in my right ear. This time it was enough that the nurse told me to stay in the room after everyone else exited. There was real concern and I was rescheduled for a more detailed exam in another week.

I have know this all along but have lived in denial.

I have a hard time hearing conversation above certain conflicting noises like running water in the bathroom. I frustrate people sometimes when on the phone. Im right handed and hold it up to my compromised ear (right) and you know how cell phones get.. can you hear me now? then add in the loss.

I have to switch ears which is awkward.

I'm not hard of hearing yet , not by a long shot, but this is a serious wake up call for me.

After years of being in the military and working the flightline in the '80s, shooting, loud head banging music, and industrial exposure, it has finally begun to catch up with me.

Before I head to work, I wanted to toss this out there... most of us workout while plugged into our MP3 players, or we cannot conceive of running without music because it is like an IV drip of our favorite motivational drug. I would ask you to reconsider before you wind up like me. We love to shrug stuff like this off but sooner or later the reaper will call. Too loud is always a few notches higher that what WE play it at right? Or is it that we have grown so used to a certain level that it takes an extra boost to get the extra "thump" we need to push us down the road a little further.

You know what I'm talking about... don't shrug and play innocent.

Think about it, that's all I'm asking.

What good is it if, when you reach your goals, you cant hear your grandkids, or leaves crunching in the Fall?

Consider and be wise.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great news on the lab work! And thanks for the reminder about playing our tunes softly.
    1204 days ago
    A++ on the bloodwork! I do believe that's a big ol' NSV, my friend!


    The hearing situation. Oy. I understand about that - the constant, long term exposure to something that has negative effects we don't notice until damage has already been done.
    The good news is that you are young and it's not a complete loss. I'm sure they'll probably give you steps to take to prevent more damage in the future. Learning to work around the loss will simply be another challenge that you will crush.

    1204 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/11/2013 11:28:49 AM
    Way to go on the lab work! I'm sorry about your hearing though. emoticon
    1204 days ago
  • v SJKENT1
    fabulous lab results... Denial is not a good thing with our eyes and ears... or actually any part of our body - Hope everything turns out well for you
    1204 days ago
  • v NWFL59
    1204 days ago
    Great news on the lab work, and great advice on the hearing. Thanks!
    1204 days ago
  • v PIXIEMOM13
    Great news on the bloodwork! That is important stuff.

    So is the hearing, so I'm sorry to hear there is a concern there. I don't currently run with music at all, but was thinking about starting to/trying to... if I do, I will be careful with the volume. (Was planning on maybe running with a bud in just one ear so I'd still be able hear ambient noises.
    1204 days ago
    Hmmmmm.... I do find myself asking my DH to turn up the TV... ALMOST as often as I ask him to turn it down, lol. But at 60, probably time to check it... it has been years!!!

    I have a good friend who is a PA and is contracted out to mines here in FL. She spends her days going from one site to another, but does the yearly physicals, sews up whatever needs sewing, and on the worst days, has to tell someone they can't work. So I know a teensy bit about it.. teensy being the operative word!

    LOVE your blood numbers... I am envious, although mine aren't awful, my triglycerides are high... so take medication. My goal is to eliminate the need for it!

    Have a GREAT day!
    1204 days ago
    Congratulations on your blood work! Your hard work is paying off well. You're probably right about the music level too.

    1204 days ago
    Congratulations on your blood work numbers. You're doing great. I'm glad the hearing loss is only in one ear. My younger sister has hearing aids in both ears. They're bluetooth, and she can tune them into her cell phone. Neat!
    1204 days ago
  • v DRB13_1
    emoticon on the healthy numbers (and all you've done that's earned you those improvements! You're the man!)
    emoticon for reminding me about taking care of my hearing and not playing my earbuds too loud. I don't even like some concerts because of that...
    Here's to a good respiratory report in the future! emoticon
    1204 days ago
    So glad to hear your blood work was great! Yay!!!! emoticon

    I totally get where you're coming from regarding the music. I did (& sometimes still do), my share of head-banging. emoticon I'll turn it down.

    Keep those lungs healthy (my grandfather was a coal miner & had black lung) & wear those ear plugs at work as much as you can.

    Have a blessed day!!
    1204 days ago
    Really glad to hear about your fantastic blood work numbers - all your hard work is evident...the numbers don't lie! On the other hand, I'm sorry about your hearing degeneration. Hopefully you'll get to review available options in your more detailed exam. I actually never listen to headphones when I workout since I am mostly outdoors and like to hear what's going on around me for safety reasons. It's a point well taken though. It's easy to take things like our hearing for granted.
    1204 days ago
  • v TREE57
    Your numbers were amazing! Great job!

    Hearing loss creeps up on you know and can proceed with caution!

    1204 days ago
    1204 days ago
    I'm sorry about the hearing loss. I have tried and cannot run without my music. I have thought about this and try to keep the volumn to a minimum.

    When I am on the elliptical at home, I stick my ipod on the adapter on the machine so I don't need the earbuds.

    I also read the more you wear earbuds, the higher chance of ear infections.

    You have really made me think, maybe I should try running without them again. My daughter swears by no music when she runs.

    Congrats on your bloodwork stats!!!

    The best to you!
    1204 days ago
  • v L1ZB3TH354
    Congrats on the blood work. Good luck with your hearing problem.
    1204 days ago
    Both of my grandfathers were coal miners with the resulting lung conditions, so I'm happy to hear about the health monitoring going on today.

    I'm sorry about the hearing loss. When my mother was getting her hearing aids fitted (at age 85) I read an article about how this problem is occurring in ever younger people.

    I've never worn ear buds, just a personal choice since I've never needed music to work out, but it's good that now we're getting the information out there.

    1204 days ago
    I do think about this when I run with head phones. Probably not a good habit.

    Glad to hear your "oil" is in good shape, keep up the healthy eating and exercise.
    1204 days ago
  • v BEECHNUT13
    So sorry about your hearing loss... but I'm happy to see your numbers are looking good otherwise.
    1204 days ago
    great on the health numbers!.... sorry about the hearing... hopefully not as bad as expected. emoticon
    1204 days ago
  • v SWAZY33
    Good info! I keep telling my daughter to turn down her ipod cause it will damage her hearing and of course she is a teenager and knows she laughs at me. I'm crazy protecting my own...a couple spin instructors at my gym play the music so loud that I wear ear plugs in class!
    ps...congrats on all the good news! GREAT!
    1204 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder. Good advice. Hoping they can do something to help!!
    1204 days ago
    So great that your blood work results are so positive!!
    Sorry to hear of the hearing loss and thank you for the reminder to be careful of how we choose to hear the world.
    1204 days ago
    Hope you don't have massive issues with your hearing. Great news on your blood work.
    1204 days ago
  • v BLUEROSE73
    Sorry to hear that. Prayers are with you that it stops getting worse soon. And thank you for the reminder of what seems like such a little thing. It really does mean so much.

    Have a great day at work.
    1204 days ago
    Hopefully you caught it in time so now you know. I don't have any of your risk factors for hearing loss except for a little head banging music when I was in my teens... ok... maybe I turn it up now in the car from time to time, but I DO listen to my MP3 player as well, so thank you for the caution.

    Now, WOW on the numbers Dude! (High FIve!)

    1204 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/11/2013 7:10:22 AM
  • v JGIRL5799
    emoticon for your blood work

    Thank you for the reminder about the hearing, always good to be reminded of those little things

    1204 days ago
    Wow! The good news is GREAT! Keep up the good job. emoticon

    Sorry that you are having some hearing issues. Good advise to all though. Keep the noise down and enjoy the silence before it is forced upon you.
    1204 days ago
  • v MUSOLF6
    1204 days ago
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