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Sparking with Chronic Pain ~ 04/10/13

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weather has calmed down but it's still wet and cold! emoticon emoticon
Whatever was flaring has also calmed down. So I hope to build back up with some of my activities. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
This is my life...and may be my biggest challenge to losing weight as well as getting healthier. PAIN ~ Daily ~ Chronic ~ Waves that ebb & flow like the tides of the ocean. Like the water, it's always there. It takes different forms, but it's always there! And has been for the last 15 years!

At first docs sent me to PT (physical therapy) and gave me meds. As time passed I tried so many: the NSAIDs, CoXinhibitors, SSRIs, opiates, muscle relaxers, all kinds of stuff. Docs were stymied... if anything worked, it didn't work too long; if it worked well I developed a bad reaction. Finding something to manage the pain seemed hopeless.

One med with lots of promise nearly cost me my kidneys after just 2 weeks of use! I was then left with 2 options to regain kidney function: long-term steroid therapy or a year or two of chemo therapy. Some choice, eh? At the time I was newly separated with six kids, no job, tons of appointments, and homeschooling! I opted for the chemo...and paid very close attention to my nutrition - eating foods & taking supplements to support everything chemo was destroying. Probably not the best way to explain it but even if I couldn't keep it down long I ate/ingested only what would bring high-density nutrients to my body. This put me on opiate level pain meds for 2 years. Weaning off them we hoped pain from earlier injuries (that started my pain battle) would be gone. It had been masked with all this other stuff going on. Sadly, it was still there. So the search began again to find something to relieve the constant pain... and so it continues....

I've learned to pace myself.
What works one day may not work the next.
Super good nutrition is worth the effort!
Staying in motion is vitally important!
Cold - wet or dry, is useful at the beginning.
Heat - wet or dry, is great long term.
Homeopathic remedies like Arnica are very helpful.
Combinations of supplements to support arthritic joints & connective tissues are essential.
Acupressure, and EFT (tapping) seem to reduce flares. Maybe doing this regularly will prevent them.
Essential oils can bring relief pretty quickly for most pains. Haven't found one or the right combo to cover all types of pain yet.
Aromatherapy can help with some chronic conditions.
Water therapy (chlorine free, salted) brings soothing relief and relaxes the whole body.

I only wish I could fully utilize all of these as often as I needed whenever I wanted. But I'm not there yet. I working toward that goal. I keep saying it will happen when it happens. We need it to happen soon! It's not just me suffering in constant chronic pain that is sometimes so bad it puts one down for days at a time! (My worst ever spell had me in bed, literally only up for the bathroom, for almost 2 whole months!) Every kid of mine is also dealing with chronic pain issues! Two of them are nearly as bad as me - a good 10 years earlier than it began with me! If they follow my footsteps in this they will need scooters and canes and various other physical supports, plus minimizing their activity levels, by the time they're 40! Three kids don't even live at home anymore, or even very close. We see each other just a few times a year. None of them have any kids yet. It took me only 5 years of chronic pain to lose 90% of my mobility...by then all my kids were teens. This is not the life you want when you're chasing toddlers and running kids & tweens all over the place!!!

With the help of Spark People I'm learning ways to set little goals and have them build up to bigger goals. This is working with losing weight - weight that I might add all of my docs had more or less given up on ever happening - in the long run as well as improving my overall health. It's taken me years to realize all these many aspects of SP! SparkCoach has really helped me to see this more as well as see ways it can be used in other aspects of life. So I am using it now to help me succeed in building my home business! This business plan is going to give us the means to achieve the things we need to improve our health even more in the coming months! I really have never felt so excited about setting goals and meeting those goals in the given time! Don't know how many of you will be interested in following those other goals as they're met, but I will bring it up here from time to time. :)

Meanwhile, I feel like I'm sparking towards some sort of freedom now! You'll have to stay tuned to see where I go! LOL
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