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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

While volunteering at a local emergency food pantry the other day, one of my co-workers noticed that I had lost quite a bit of weight. She asked how much I had lost and I told her I honestly didn't know. Sounds strange you might think, but I have always looked at the scale or how my clothes fit-not how much I had lost.

Well yesterday, another person asked me the same question. So I figured I might just as well do the math. When I started my lifestyle change journey (about 2 weeks before I joined Spark People) my doctor told me I weighed 231.8 pounds. And how the heck did I let myself get to that 231.8 pounds in the first place. I know that there were many contributing factors and heredity is one.

When I weighed-in on April 4th, I weighed 186.4 pounds. Now I hadn't really thought about the amount of weight in between the 2 numbers. It just wasn't that important to me. What was important is how I felt and how my clothes fit. So yesterday while sitting in the car, I did the actual math. I subtracted the number 3 times before I finally realized that the number I saw was correct. I had lost 45.4 pounds! I know how it happened, but and this may sound strange, but when.

All day I kept thinking about that number - 45.4 pounds. I don't remember looking any different when I looked in the mirror. So yesterday and today, I took a really good look. I noticed that I have a waistline both front and sideways. When did that happen?? And who was that person looking back at me? The one with the suddenly huge grin as I realized "Hey, that's me!" Then I thought "No Way." But yup, there I was.

I am still thinking about the number and it still surprises me. I don't ever want to gain even an ounce of that weight back. That number has made me re-evaluate every bit of my thinking. I like what I am beginning to see. It's still new and I don't think I will really ever get used to that new person in the mirror. But I do know that I will never take that person for granted again. I will take care of that new person to the best of my ability. My body deserves the best I can give it.

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