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It Just Wasn't Practical

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At the behest of Para and Irish, I'm going to disclose what I was thinking about doing for my experiment.

But first, a bit about why I decided NOT to do it.

Bottom line, it just wasn't practical and I simply couldn't imagine actually following through with it. So why take on an experiment you don't think you'll complete? That's just setting yourself up for failure and negative feelings toward yourself.

Also, I couldn't learn enough about what I wanted to do to feel it was truly "safe and effective".

AND, I believe it would have been a slippery slope FOR ME. I believe it would have fed into negative aspects of my personality. I would have had to tap into obsessive thinking patterns that are just ugly and never work out right.

Last, I realized I had just been swept up in the "ooh, shiny!" aspect of it. You know, when you see something on t.v. (in the words of Homer Simpson, "friend, mother, secret lover") and all the sudden you're all "I WANT TO DO THAT!". But not in a good way (as I noted above) but more in a "this could be a loophole so I can lose weight fast without having to work at it". See, that's not good thinking RIGHT THERE and I hadn't even researched the potential experiment very much at all.

But I ramble.

What had me all in a lather?

Intermittent fasting.

YES, I saw that damn show on PBS and I got (momentarily) all sucked in. Oh, you only have to go two days a week at 500 calories each day and then you can "eat whatever you want" the other 5 days. HOLY COW! This will be THE MAGIC FAT ERASER!!

Uh, huh. Sure it won't.

I looked into it a bit more and honestly it just didn't make practical sense. And we all know there is no such thing as "eat whatever you want" (meaning "junk") and still losing weight. Those two things are exact opposite. You can not hog down on candy and not expect to remain a fatty (or get even fatter--god forbid!).

And really, at the point I'm at now, floundering like a mofo with my nutrition, I know darn good and well what the problem is.

I'm floundering with my nutrition. DUH!

So having two "starvation" (face it, that's what it would feel like) days a week isn't going to fix the root problem which is uncontrolled eating. If for some reason I could actually do a 500 calorie day (really, I don't think I'd be able to do it unless someone offered me prize money) I'd just gobble up any calorie deficit on the "free" days. Yeah, I'd try to tell myself I'd "eat good" on the off days but I know I'd just eat like I currently am (too much and less than stellar items) and I'd be in the exact same place I am now (frustrated) but with the added bonus of having irked my spouse (because I'm grumpy as hell when I'm hungry).

Also (and this plays into the negative thinking/emotions thing) when I first thought I'd try out this "method" (for lack of a better word) my first thought was, "My spouse is going to mock this." Now don't take that the wrong way, my spouse isn't a mean guy. But if I'm doing something dumb he's going to tell me. And he knows my personality. AND, he watched the same show I did. So if I started doing the IF "method" he'd give me a big ole eye roll and chalk it up to my being easily influenced by t.v. (which is true). I didn't want HIM to be the one to point that out to me.

So, I sat on the idea (one that I knew deep down was wacky and I'd not do) and saved myself a bit of embarrassment and decided NOT to try it out.

Would I have damaged myself by trying it (for say, 30 days). Probably not. Is it a practical way of life FOR ME. No. Do I know what my "problem" is (and how to remedy it)? Of course I do. But right now I'm having some kind of stubborn phase or something and I just can't work it out.

Wait. I can work it out. By working out.

Instead of doing something wacky like IF (again, wacky FOR ME) why not make myself a REAL CHALLENGE. Something I feel is possible for me yet still challenging AND interesting.

My new challenge to myself for now until I go on vacation at the end of May?

CHALLENGE (April and May)

1. Max out that exercise!! That means 2x week yoga, 2x week ST, and MAX walking. As long as the weather permits (no percipitation at time of walk, weather above 30 degrees) I need to walk to and from work. That's 2 hours of walking a day (8 miles). Weekends will be for making up any yoga or ST I missed or they will be. . .wait for it. . .REST.

2. Stay in ranges. I know this one is hard for me so I'm not going to set any "x day in ranges" goals. Just a simple adding up how many days I managed it and REALLY TRYING. There is only ONE restriction on my eating. . .

3. NO POP. I'm starting my Pop Free Streak again. It's how I broke my pop habit (to begin with) and now that I've been backsliding (not to "old" ways, but just too fast and loose) I need to reign that back in. There is NOTHING good in pop. It's just pure empty calories. There is no reason to consume it. Plain and simple.

Simple, huh.

The best part is, I like walking. It gives me time for brain chatter (yes, I carry on conversations with myself in my head--ok, even outloud a tiny bit now and then). I'm already thinking about mixing up my route, too. I just need to make sure any new routes are doable (won't have me ending up as roadkill) and are long enough (4 miles approximately).

And just for the record, I am aiming for weight loss but I'm really trying not to get hyper focused on JUST the weight loss. So I'm using my clothing as the real measuring tool. I'm porked up a bit and there are a few pairs of pants and shorts that I can't squeeze into right now. Ok, I could squeeze into them but no one wants to see that. I want to get my wardrobe back. I refuse to buy any new clothes for the flabby lazy body I have right now. I don't NEED new things. I need to fit the things I have.

Ok, now I have to check the weather and see if I can get my second walk in today.
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FIREFLY413 4/11/2013 9:44AM

    I thought about this for about 5 minutes too! I'm like you, I realized that I would not "eat good" on the 5 "normal" days. First day after my fasting days, I'd eat up enough calories to way outweigh the deficit from fasting. Thanks for the update, I was curious too!

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NIGHTSKYSTAR 4/11/2013 12:33AM

    VERY glad you decided against it. I know a bunch of people trying it. Worked great for 2 weeks, then gee no loss. Lamenting followed. I suggested they count their intake on the non starvation days--and got told NO they weren't to count cals. I spent an rat day with one friend. Lunch consisted of a third of a pound burger with bacon, cheese, fried mushrooms, a buttered roll, and a dinner sized plate of poutine. (If you don't know, poutine is crisp frech fries with handfuls of cheese curds melting on top smothered in brown gravy) I love it but have ONE small serving a YEAR at the fair. Seriously--that plateful she had ALONE was at least a thousand cals. She then had dessert--a hot fudge/hot caramel sundae. All the time smiling and telling me how WONDERFUL this plan was. We did do a lot of walking, but not enough to come close to burning off that meal. Around 5:30 I was getting hungry and we stopped for dinner. I had vegetable soup as an appetizer, and small garden salad with vinaigrette , a small grilled sirloin steak and a baked potato no sour cream. My friend? The king cut prime rib(this thing was HUGE) with mozzarella sticks for an app and a loaded baked potato (sour cream, cheese, bacon,butter and chives) and mixed veggies swimming in butter. Then she wanted to split a dessert--I rarely eat desserts so decided to splurge--we got Turtle cheesecake. I've learned the first bite is the really best, the second is good, after that the thrill is gone. So I took 2 small bites and she ate the rest.
I have NO idea what she had for breakfast. But I was with her for the other 2 meals and I know she far exceeded any fast day deficit. I would live to eat like that and lose. Wait I take it back--I used to eat like that and I didn't love it. And it's why I struggle with weight now.
It's too easy to fall into the trap.
For me it boils down to: eat well--nutritious food that will serve your body. Eat slow. Stop when you are satisfied. Have a craving? Indulge it. Try one note. Not enough? Have another. Some days you need the piece of cake. Most days you don't. Walk. Lots. Took me 54 years to figure it out. And read and follow the new spark book, it works. No gimmicks. No fasting.

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HEYBUTT 4/10/2013 4:31PM

    I hear you on the health benefit side. If I were ever going to actually do IF experimentation, I'd have to do it like you plan to (under medical supwrvision, if you will). First, that's the inly way I could keep myself accountable, and second it would help keep the disordered eating thoughts in check (I've never had an eating disorder but I flirt with it quite a bit).

I'm very keen to hear about your experiment when/if you undertake it.

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PARASELENIC 4/10/2013 4:11PM

    Okay, I'm going to do s/thing very weird. While I don't support Mosley's claims for weightloss, I do support the health benefits.

My husband and I actually plan on doing this over the summer. I'm not doing it for weight loss, though-- I want to test out the IGF lowering factor on my blood. I'm still going to track my calories and not go into "eat whatever you want mode" because that's simply ridiculous, but thus far the studies (there's been a ton more since he made that program, as his program was first broadcast in the UK in August of 2012, and filmed almost a year before that) have shown a significant health benefit to a dramatically lowered calorie day, even just one day a week. Having worked with the oncology docs here at the university for several years, I've had the opportunity to discuss this with them-- IGF lowering drugs are a part of several clinical trials right now and show really promising results at fighting cancer on their own, and the department of gerontology here actually got a grant to specifically study longevity in relation to it-- so it's not just a bunch of hooey couple whackadoo papers published here and there.

However, just cuz it's published and looks promising, doesn't mean that it is, so I'm going to experiment on myself to see what I can find out...

My insurance (fortunately) will cover the IGF testing, so both the hubby and I will be doing a pre-test and post-test when we start. The hubby plans on following the "eat whatever you want" diet, but not me.

Although, I will say, logically, that it makes sense that one would lose weight on a plan like that, if only because you're essentially cutting out two thousand (at least) calories per week, so if you don't drastically change your diet on other days, it makes sense that one would lose a pound or more-- that's pretty basic science.

I'm not quite sure how I'm going to play out calorie tracking etc. with this, but that's a convo to have with my doc in May when the semester is done and I have a little more time....

However, with all that I said above, I totally get why you aren't going nutzo with this, as honestly, it doesn't really make sense. And if it's not something you can do as a lifestyle, then I think it's not worth it. I think your April-May challenge sounds fabulous-- pop free, exercise, tracking... very sound, good goals to pursue.Good luck on your second walk!

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