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One Year - a reflection and photo blog

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

One year ago today, I underwent RNY Gastric Bypass surgery. I was nervous and I was scared. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The last thing I remember is being wheeled into a cold, sterile operating room and telling the nurse "It's freezing in here! It feels like my parent's house!"

I woke up in some place... though where I was at I didn't know. I felt sick and groggy and down right horrible. I felt like I could just drift away for a thousand years.

The hospital stay was crappy. Now, don't get me wrong... I loved being pumped full of morphine as I have (I will not lie) always hand a fondness for opiate type drugs, but I felt dirty and gross.

I came home and then the journey began.

The early days are hard to remember right now, but I know they weren't too bad. I had a textbook perfect surgery. No complications. No food issues. no vomiting, no blood clots, no hernia, no nothing. Everything is and was perfect.

As the year went on and I started to drop pounds, I became more and more active. I rode my bike, I worked out, I started volunteering at the local library.

My pants and shirts and underwear got smaller. My ability and endurance for physical activity grew.

So today, here I am - 1 year later -

126 pounds lost
95 total inches

my freaking waist is 32 inches! Heck, last year at this time that was the size of my thigh!!!

Taken on my birthday 2012 - my highest weight ever of 260

me at my heaviest weight, right before surgery

around 230 pounds - I hadn't been able to wear those jeans comfortably in a few years

around 210 pounds -

I cried -

80 pounds down in this pic - somewhere in the 180 range

wearing a vest from when I was 10 year old!!!!

somewhere in the 150s

after reaching my goal of 140 pounds - I think I am around 138 in this pic

There is is... a years worth of pictures -
oh and one more thing...

To my Elementary School Gym Teacher who used to call me chubbers and porky -- FFFFFFFF YOU!! I CAN run that mile, I RAN that mile and I am going to run more of those miles!!

I think that is all for now!
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