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Hubby Update

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things have been going much better between the hubby and I. He has been much more attentive to me and spending less time on his computer. In fact, he didn't even get online last night. I have been happy to have him spending more time with me lately so much that I haven't pushed my luck by asking about the other chick. Last night we talked about it a little bit and he actually told me that he did finally tell her she needed to back off. I told him it wasn't the fact that he was trying to be a friend to her, just that she had intentionally led me to believe there was more and that he didn't seem to be concerned enough to tell her to back off with that. I told her she needed to back off, but until she heard it from him she didn't want to, or think she had to. Thankfully he did finally tell her, and so far she is honoring his wishes.

Her husband, on the other hand... My husband has told me that her husband keeps texting him from random numbers. The first day, he sent the text pretending to be her, saying she lost her contacts and was asking who it was. He never said, just replied with LOL. Because how would she have had my husband's number if she lost her contacts? Then yesterday he told me the guy tried to ask him stuff to see who he was. My husband didn't respond this time so the guy called him, but he didn't answer. So I'm very happy to see that he is taking a step away from all their drama and keeping our lives sane.

A part of me does feel sorry for her, especially now seeing how her husband is behaving, because I've been there. But it was not okay for her to cause a rift between my husband and I the way she did. I keep thinking she chose the wrong person to confide in. I myself have been in 2 very bad relationships, the first mentally abusing and controlling, and the second even worse. Basically I could relate to her better. But I honestly think she was trying to find someone that was actually willing to physically help her out of her situation. I know my husband would not have left me for that purpose, but by not telling her straight out he was leading her on in a way. She knew she had upset me and she knew I didn't want him talking to her anymore. Since he kept talking to her, she assumed she was getting her way. I'm so glad he finally set her straight.

In a way this has actually brought us closer. He saw how very upset I got and I think it made him realize just how much I do care for him. He feels bad that he hurt me like that. He's made more of an effort to spend time with me and be more affectionate. I realized that maybe I wasn't giving him enough attention as well. I've made more of an effort to keep up with the house, even though I still hurt a lot. We've rekindled the spark in the bedroom as well. So in the end I think we're all the more stronger from it. That does not mean I ever want our relationship tested like this again though!

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TRACYLYNN853 4/10/2013 11:38PM

Hope everything works out for yall!

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LOBOSMOMMA 4/10/2013 3:54PM

    Thanks for commenting. He can't change his number since he uses it for work. I'm sure the other guy will stop when he realizes he won't get a response. One of my coworkers said he should answer "narcotics division" or something along those lines. lol

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KAT7457 4/10/2013 1:42PM

    emoticon emoticon to you and hubby to get your relationship back on track I know the feeling I been in a few bad relationships myself
It's hard but it sounds like hubby is doing good by ignoring the texts calls maybe he could change his phone #

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