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Keep on Asking, and You Will Receive What You Ask For.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What do you “keep” on asking for? What is it that you want so terribly that you are willing to “keep” on knocking as suggested in this verse from the new testament of the Bible? Is it a higher paying job so that you will be able to better provide for your family? Is it recognition to fill the lonely ache and void that weighs heavily in your heart? Is it health and healing so that you will be able to move about your day more freely or in less pain?

What is it, I wonder? Not so much me I suppose, but God? Do you realize that he never intended for us to go this life alone? That when he designed us, He, Jesus and the Holy Spirit desired nothing less, but for us to be one with Him (them)? It is a marvelous mystery, the love the Father has for his children, but it is so true!

Many times I have tried to “white knuckle” it through life. Of fair intelligence and no disabilities, I thought it of little struggle to maneuver my way through even the most shark infested waters. Often times quite successful, yet quite miserable I’d somehow manage another day. Yes, in the world eyes, it appeared as if I lacked no good thing; internally however, that was quite the horse of a different color.

You see, I have landed on a secret to life. I have found that apart from this man-God Jesus Christ, I am nothing. Funny you may say? Indeed. It is quite humbling, quite the realization to conclude that we cannot effectively run our lives apart from the Creator who designed it.

What about science one may lament? To that I’d simply have to respond that even in all of its glory and reasoning , science has failed to discover the origin of anything. In fact, science cannot, nor will not ever be able to disprove the Bible. You can bank on it! That is because science is only as good as its original intent to point us to our Creator. The Bible, however, can be trusted as a lens in which to see science through.

The bottom line of any discrepancy between the two can be summed up rather nicely. It is this. My friends, quite simply, you will either serve one or the other. Since you, nor I, nor the countless men and women whom have gone before us did not “eye witness” creation or the lack thereof, it is left a refutable subject. One in which intelligence must be included to assess, and which understanding of mankind must long hold a debate. It will inevitably cause in each human a reaction to choose. Which one do you believe?

We either believe a big bang created everything that we see, love, or experience, or a loving Creator. There is no other option, unless perhaps you are the practicing Atheist who cares not for origin. Even still, that does not excuse the fact that we originated from something! I suppose if it helps a person sleep better at night, then God, nor I, a mere man, will interfere in said person’s blatant disregard to choose something. I do, however, find it quite a pickling shame.

We have eyes to see, but keep them close. We have ears to hear, but refuse to listen. I started this discourse asking what is it you are looking for? What is it you seek? I suppose as long as it is lovely, just, wholesome and of a good report, the Lord would love to give it to you, but I had to share what I long for most. Maybe you have already guessed. It is souls. Hundreds and thousands and millions of souls to come to this one named Jesus, the author and the finisher of my faith.

Maybe you could partner with me? Maybe when you think of me you could pray? This is because when I am seeking, it is for you! When I am asking God for something, and I keep on knocking, I desire to find one more person who would be willing to accept this invitation from Christ. An eternal invitation to be with the one who created everything we see, everything we are, everything we could ever wish to become, it is all found in Him, and I want as many people as possible to find that truth.

I guess I am somewhat of a gardener. I throw seeds. I water them. I plant them, and I tend to them. However the one thing that is absolutely not my responsibility is to make each grow. That my friend is completely up to God and as such, I leave those seeds with you and with Him.

Carpe Diem!

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    you speak volumes for all of us .
    1779 days ago
    You should read my niece's blog. I think you would really like it. Stop by and check it out.
    1779 days ago
    Stay motivated!
    1779 days ago
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