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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You know, it can be frustrating at times with weight-loss, with feeling connected, with how you're feeling about yourself in general and with this journey. But I feel like I just have to keep reminding myself that it is all in what YOU (I) put into it. The more I participate and do, the more I get out of it. Wether it's not losing enough.. well are you TRULY being honest with yourself? Are you TRULY drinking enough water? Are you TRULY eating in your calorie range AND eating good for you foods? Are you TRULY exercising the way you know you should?
Do you feel disconnected? Well are you TRULY putting in your part? Are you reaching out? Are you participating? Are you calling friends and family? Writing letters? Sending goodies? Posting in teams? Participating in challenges? Being a PART of the team?
Am I feeling down about myself? Well, am I faking it until I make it? Am I dressing the part? Am I REALLY TRULY TRYING?!
I have to remind myself in all of these things and even others like.. getting frustrated about my house being a mess, Well are you truly trying? Did you really put all of your energy into doing a clean sweep through the house to knock it out? Nope. So really, no complaining. You KNOW it can be done. DO IT!!!
You want a clean house? CLEAN IT!
You want to be fit and happy? GET FIT AND HAPPY! Do what it takes. No more sitting on the sidelines. MOVE MORE AND EAT RIGHT!! Take care of yourself.
Act like you're expecting company in all things. Uh-oh company's coming, clean house and get dressed! Brush your hair and feel good about yourself. :)
Feel like SP isn't working? Dig in deep for a bit before you bail. Really get in there and participate and see how you feel. Join teams, join challenges, reply to posts and blogs. Put yourself out there and see what happens, see what it brings you.
One day at a time. One walk, one healthy meal, one blog, one phone call, one smile, one brave act is all it takes to make a day great. And then the next, and the next, and the next.
We will get there. Together! :)
Let's make today great!!!
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