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April 9, 2013 - Light a Fire Under MY A$$

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Light a fire under my a$$ is exactly what I need.

I started going to work with my husband to walk. I am slow poke, but I walk rest walk. I really use the time to get myself aligned with nature. My sister said she was swimming again and I said I was walking again. She told me she do weight watchers not my daughters plan and I said I do daughters or attempt but not perfect. Well, she lied to me. She been doing the plan and asked how long and two weeks and is down 9 pounds. I am happy for her. I did however get pissed off because she lied to me and she was trying to deliberately make sure I was not doing good and she was...she was going to lose weight and rub it into me. OMgosh, talk about lighting a fire under my ass. She may have lost 9 pounds but I am on fire and she has many more pounds then me to lose. I started the plan today. I was nearly perfect, but I am not going to beat myself up, because I logged it, and my nutrition values look good. I just need to do it again tomorrow. This week, my exercise has been less and been tired. I know it is because I been go go go and when I do that I get tired. A lot has to do with the weather too, the rain and cold keeps me from doing as much. Who am I kidding, my step daughter wanted to come and bring baby...well that just turns me off from exercising because she makes more work for me. She used to be fun to go with me. I will give it a try another day. Also, colds or flu seem to be going around and I am trying to avoid it. This means less exercise right now so more important to eat right. Today was a good day.

I feel as if I am rambling. Also, I am a little upset over the fact too, that she finally brought her bike down to her apartment. I said, wow, you want to ride with me? NOPE NO WAY was the answer. I will ride to my appointments. I was like wow, thanks...oh well. The way she said it all to me, just hit me wrong.

I haven't heard from doctor either. Waiting on that too. If they not push it, I am not going to push it!
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