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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Been so busy, been forgetting to blog. YIKES! Any who, still keeping up with my rise and shine challenge, and half of my other challenges. My personal Six Pack April Challenge and my 100 mile challenge is suffering a bit, but that can't be helped much. Going to give it my all anyways.

Cleaned house, got things organized and together for kids to go back to school Monday. And all around relaxed. YAY!

Was aiming for a 5 mile walk with my youngest after kids went off to school and after a wonderful Special K red berries breakfast, then it started raining hard until about 6pm.
So wasn't exactly happy about that, then she decided to cuddle and watch movies with me I couldn't pass that up. It has been almost 2 weeks since me and her had some alone time. Monday night, moved shingles that were taken off the roof out of my husbands way so he could actually use his ladder to put the new ones up hopefully Tuesday morning before more storms come. Got in about 60 minutes worth of bending, lifting and tossing those around.

Woke up at 5:30am reset alarm, after watching well not all but half of the NCAAM basketball game that came too early. So 6:00am, went back to sleep again. Finally up at 6:30am, headed out to help husband move shingles and stormguard up onto the roof for a couple of hours. Then went and made a healthy breakfast of wheat toast and eggs. He couldn't believe that I do indeed when I'm feeling up to it actually cook breakfast in the morning. Next was paying bills, dropping off 6 year olds samples for the doctor's office to be tested more, scheduling appointments. Then taking my 2 year old for her first dentist appointment. She indeed has a chip in her tooth already, and a small cavity poor kid. I've brushed her teeth just as often, and fed her pretty much the same stuff as the rest of my kids at that age, and none of them ever got cavities and still don't. And they are 14, 8, and 6. Dentist said with our vigilance and still a cavity, means she might be prone to chips and cavities. Which sucks, not what I wanted to hear. So they are going to fix that come beginning of May. Although she only cried a little bit, but cooperated the whole time. Much better than expected. She absolutely loved the butterflies all over the pretty purple walls though. After that lunch, eh not so healthy but daughter deserved it. Paid more bills, oh so I wish bills would go away and never came back. Then my dad calls, he was at the ER again, this time because of a unusual bump in his arm, he is pretty sure blood clot they have no idea, and are assuming an infection which wouldn't surprise me, all the blood that he has been having to be drawn lately, they probably messed up at some point. So hoping nothing serious. Thankfully no soccer practice tonight for my son, otherwise I would of been running around out there in the rain with him for that. Although my day finally got done with more housecleaning. Been so very busy. Tomorrow lots more cleaning, and getting a much needed workout in. Thinking I'm going to pop in my dvd, and do some of my pushups and situps. My 2 year old Elizabeth absolutely loves doing those with me.

OH, and my poor husband just had a wonderful time trying to do the roof while I was gone. He figured he would be done about 4 hours later, 5 at the most. Well he had to stop early. Rain wasn't suppose to show up until 2pm, he showed up at noon. He said it sprinkled for maybe 30 seconds, then a whole downpour while he was on the roof, he didn't even have a chance to get the rolls out to keep it dry and to get down off the roof before he got soaked. I had to laugh at him, but I told him I love him, and I'm still glad I wasn't the one on the roof, I would've freaked out being up there and getting rained on. Just had to share.

So here goes:

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