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a stranger knocks at your door...

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

and asks to use the bathroom. Would you let them in?

This actually happened to me yesterday. It was about 10 am, and I was home by myself waiting for a delivery
( an outside table to set up for ping pong :) ) They were supposed to come between 9 and 11. Beautiful day, windows open, and I had the front door open( storm door was closed) to let the sun in.

I heard a knock on the door and thought it was the delivery people. I see a man, maybe late 50's, in a button down shirt and jeans through the door.
I open the door expecting to be handed something to sign for the table. Instead he holds up a large camera with a long lens and says" I'm a photographer, can I use your bathroom?"

Now, I am at the bottom of a cul de sac, in the middle of a large neighborhood. There is no reason to be here unless you are visiting someone, certainly nothing worth getting it's picture taken. It's a nice, friendly, middle class neighborhood but not exactly picturesque :) I lived here for 13 years, and know all my immediate neighbors, and a many of the rest of the neighbors at least to wave to. We are about 3 mins from a sort of open mall with many stores and restaurants including a mcdonald's and a target. And we are literally down the street from a public park with restrooms. My point is, my house is not in the middle of no where, and my bathroom is not the only one available.

So, back to the guy on the porch. I say, "no I am sorry you can not He says in this kinda fake shock "Really? you won't let me in?" I say "REally! , but there are restrooms at the park up the street." He looks like he might say something else, but turns around an slowly heads to his car. Then he sits in his car, and makes a phone call. Now, I would have to be literally about to have an accident before I would knock on someone's door. And even then, I would use a bush first. And this guy mosies to his car, and then sits there for 5 mins on the phone.

Oh and my neighbors across the street were out doing yard work. (3 adult males) He could have asked them if he was desperate. But he didn't.

This FREAKED me out. We run a business out of our home. We have a PO Box, but I am sure if someone really wanted to find us, they could. We don't keep anything here of value, but some thief wouldn't know that. I called my husband who agreed it was creepy. I then called the police to report it. 311, not 911 since I didn't feel immediately threatened. I have never called for anything since we have lived here. The police were so great! when I told them what happened (after my whole prelude of I don't know if you all care about this and don't want to bother you but...) The police woman on the phone was like "yea! that is weird. If you have to use a stranger's bathroom, you don't have time to be sitting in your car!"

As I was talking to the police, trying to give them a description, I noticed just how NON-descript he was. Middle age, white male, button down shirt, faded jeans, hat with no logo, no facial hair. His camera didn't even have a strap. I guess this struck me because I be a hobby photographer. I know how heavy and expensive a big camera with a long lens can be. You don't carry it around with out a strap wrapped around your hand. I am sure you have seen them, most of them look like colorful guitar straps. this camera was all black..I don't even remember seeing a flash of silver of a logo. We now think that camera was a prop. And is car! Small older white four door, no trim, again, no logo on the back of the car. Like he had taken off the honda or toyota logo.

It was all just so bizarre. But you know, most of the freaky stuff (sitting in his car, noticing the blandness of him and such) was noticed AFTER I had to make the call about letting a stranger use my bathroom. That decision had to be made in a split second because I had never even thought of someone asking. So, I am asking you now..would you let a stranger use your bathroom?

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
NAYPOOIE 7/1/2013 5:15PM

    He was definitely up to no good.

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FEDGIRL4 4/15/2013 1:52PM

    Good thinking. What struck me was the phone conversation too.

I have only let one person in the house to use the bathroom. I was about 13 or 14 and some man asked if his son could use the bathroom. I let him in. He did his business and left.

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ALDEBARANIAN 4/12/2013 11:45AM

    Sheesh! What a creep. I almost wish you had a pit bull. Did you take a picture of his car?

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EL-E-E 4/10/2013 9:23AM

    i am glad you posted this. Good thinking on your part, and I will now do the same if ever asked!


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JANEMARIE77 4/10/2013 7:47AM

    very strange thanks for the thought

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SVELTEWARRIOR 4/9/2013 11:43PM

    I am so glad you are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No I wouldn't have let him in either!!!!

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2HAMSDIET 4/9/2013 11:25PM

    I would not have let him in. Years ago someone in odd clothes stopped at a friends house in the country and asked for water. She gave him a glass( this was before bottles) Locked the door and call the police. He had escaped from a prison a couple of hundred miles away.

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MJ7DM33 4/9/2013 10:28PM

  No!!! The angels were watching out for you today!!! Thank God!!!

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SAMI199 4/9/2013 8:57PM

    NO WAY-you were very smart to refuse & to notify the police.There are just too many scams & sadly bad people out there. I;m sorry you had to have such an unnerving thing happen-creepy!


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GWTRIKER 4/9/2013 8:51PM

    No I would not have let him in. Did the police even talk with him?

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LIVINGFREE19 4/9/2013 5:19PM

    No, I wouldn't have let him in either! That sounds like he was up to no good!

I'm glad you are safe!

Big emoticon

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SOULFISH80 4/9/2013 2:19PM

    That is really weird. I don't know quite how to take this. I don't know what I would do. I am usually overly open with people, my husband says so all the time. But, under these circumstances, sounds like you could really have been opening yourself to a really big problem. That is reallly just too strange. I really wonder what he was thinking, and why he didn't ask the men outside, instead of you? I think you did the best thing possible. I have a friend that barely avoiding an attack/house break in, but slamming the man's arm in the door. He really wanted to get in, thank God she was strong enough to protect herself. Anyhow, that really makes me think. I never open the door if I don't know who it is, and I don't have a screened door on the front. I think every woman should pre-think how they would act in this situation, because the wrong decision could lead down a very scary road. So happy to hear that you were OK, and no real harm was done.

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WILSON425 4/9/2013 2:05PM

    That is very weird. I think I would actually mess myself before I would think of knocking on someones door and ask to use their bathroom.

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BIGPAWSUP 4/9/2013 1:56PM

    Nope. And I would have called the police just like you. Drive to Micky D's!

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CHEERFUL-ALT-3 4/9/2013 1:51PM

    You know, I was checking around the internet to see if this was a common scam to get in houses (and it's pretty common! they are casing your house to come back and rob it! they will use food delivery guys and such to do the same thing.) And it amazed me how many people were like " oh yes...I would let someone in! You know, if he said he was hungry or thirsty, I would give him food or drink. I would give him a jacket if he was cold. I will call you a taxi or get him help. But I am not letting him in the house.

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CREEKLADY1 4/9/2013 1:45PM

  No I would not let him in may hav saved your own life....Be careful and never let anyone in that you do not know. Thank God you're OK!

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