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Constant Temptations

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

There are days where I really struggle to stick to my program. Yesterday, someone at the office brought donuts. There were also some Red Vines in the lunch room. The pastries at the coffee shop looked delectable. And when I picked up catfood last night, I walked past some ready-made BBQ chicken that was to die for.

I will proudly say I said, "NO" to all these foods. Most of them really didn't tempt me that much (minus the BBQ chicken - for whatever reason, that one made me pause for a moment). The donuts were ridiculously easy - before, I would have easily succumbed and snagged one. This time, I glanced in their direction and moved on to fill up my water bottle. I didn't even hover over to smell them.

The food industry is just like any business - they want to make money. One way they make money is by cutting back on the quality of ingredients in their foods. That's why you see hydrogenated soybean oil and a lot of iffy "Red#9" in the ingredients list on the backs of some foods.

The other way the food industry makes money is to get us to eat more. That's why food advertising is EVERYWHERE. Strip malls have several food places; Target sells grocery items like milk (not necessarily bad) and candy; and practically anywhere you look, you see an advertisement for some type of food that will taste oh, so good.

The food industry doesn't care if you are diabetic and have high blood pressure; they just want to make sure you went to Burger King for lunch and Red Robin for dinner. The food industry doesn't care about how many medications you are on; they want you to pick up a pint of ice cream on your way home from work.

Now, I'm not necessarily saying that the food industry is evil or corrupt or involved in a government conspiracy - though I wouldn't put it past ANY big business to do so. But I am saying that as a business they have one thought in mind: making profits. If their product is for a healthy food like wheat bran, then their goals (making profits by selling more) and your goals (eating healthier foods) do align. Unfortunately, most big businesses are concerned with making cheap food quickly. Fortunately, in recent years due to media like "Fast Food Nation", businesses are making an attempt to be more health conscious.

Before I lost weight, I was a pawn to the food industry - to food. My life revolved around it - what I was going to eat, where I wanted to go. I tried to make attempts at being healthier - ordering nonfat milk in my latte, eating a sandwich instead of a burger, having a salad instead of fries. But these small things once in a blue moon when I was eating thousands of calories a day weren't going to help me lose weight.

I am learning gradually that my life is more than my next meal. I want to enjoy the outdoors, to have fun with my friends and sister, to be able to walk up stairs and get a good night's rest! I would much rather have the freedom to live my life than a package of Oreo Double-Stuf cookies.

But the Oreos will always be there. And if it isn't Oreos, it's Krispy Kreme or the coffee shop pastries or any of the millions of items that I see every day begging me to eat them. I know they aren't going away; but I am gathering the skills, the confidence to say "No" to them more and more. I am regaining control over my life, taking it away from my food temptations.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ---"I would much rather have the freedom to live my life than a package of Oreo Double-Stuf cookies."

    Yeah, that's exactly right! I think that belongs on a tee-shirt or bumper sticker.

    You'll notice that most of this food that the food companies try to get people addicted to is full of sugar. Even things that don't need sugar, like chili. Okay, I guess northern chili is kind of sweet, but I'm from the south, and our chili isn't sweet.

    Anyway, minor digression aside, I think this is a great post. I, too, was a slave to whatever looked tasty, to whatever new burger was advertised on television. It's really hard to get past all that temptation!

    Of course, I don't blame the companies for wanting to make money. That's the society we live in here in the U.S. And I made the choice, each and every time, to put it in my mouth. I had to learn to stop doing that, but it wasn't easy. Not at all.

    You *are* regaining control of your life! It's so worth it!! And we're all here, to cheer you on while you do it. =)
    1263 days ago
    Long gone are the days when going out to eat was a 'Special" treat , you only did it once a month and maybe not even that often. Long gone are the days when you picked out "one treat" that meant you got one bag of chips or cookies and that one bag was all you got for two weeks or sometimes the month so you ate only one a day and enjoyed it but didn't over do it , or no snack for you for the rest of the month.

    We have done this to ourselves. Not wanting to take the time to cook or even the time it takes to plan to cook. It means I have to remember to take meat out of freezer and I would actually have to cook. What happen to the days where while mom cooked the kids sat at the Kitchen table and did homework. They had interaction every day. I could Soapbox here and this issue is so much more than just fast , easy food.

    We have to learn to slow down, take time and enjoy life again. Technology is a blessing and a curse at the same time. OKay stopping here.. but I'm proud of you for saying NO .. For being STRONG and realizing YOUR WORTH IT !!
    1267 days ago
  • VICKI-B-
    I think you're doing great. Another industry that's making billions off of us is the diet industry. Think how many diet commercials come on the Tv, in magazines, just walking into a drug store or Walmart, they're all over the place. And while some will work as long as you stick to it, how many of us are willing to do that for the rest of our lives? It comes down to the old common sense way, of eating less and moving more. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1268 days ago
    Our company is switching to a new WAN provider. I'm in the IS group. It's not going as well or smoothly as it should. The new WAN provider sent over two big boxes of Voodoo Donuts as a way of making nice even in the midst of the struggle.

    The skinniest person in our department walked around our group handing them out to everyone. She stopped to ask if I wanted one. I smiled, said thank you, no; it would be great if you put the boxes over there in the empty cube.

    I watch Olive Garden commercials and remember the days when they would tempt me into going to having whatever special was being advertised. Now, I marvel over the fact that one dish is the equivalent of one day's calorie intake and that I use to eat that and so much more before without blinking an eye.

    Conspiracy? Maybe, maybe not. Our health and well-being does not rank high on the list of concerns for manufacturers and cheap-eats producers. It's a shame.

    Good for you for resisting the temptations. They are everywhere and not always easy to deny.

    1268 days ago
    emoticon and good for you. And ok you wont say it, but I will ( evil) I have been saying for a long time, so ok Mc Donalds now has the calorie count, but that doesn't make the food that is healthy for you cost any less, it just means now when you can't afford to buy healthy you know what it's costing you (in calories) If they would help with this then that would be a help! But again great job and keep it up really happy for you! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1268 days ago
    "I am learning gradually that my life is more than my next meal.....I would much rather have the freedom to live my life than a package of Oreo Double-Stuf cookies.
    But the Oreos will always be there. .......or any of the millions of items that I see every day begging me to eat them. I know they aren't going away; but I am gathering the skills, the confidence to say "No" to them more and more. I am regaining control over my life, taking it away from my food temptations. "

    What a wonderful blog! I want to get to that stage too - I know the theories - and I've read that book by David Kessler - but it has been so hard for me to stay away from the foods I know to be health-reducing for me! You're an inspiration!
    1268 days ago
    I used to be a fast food and chain restaurant junkie. I rarely eat out anymore because all I taste are cheap ingredients dressed up in salt and sugar. It's easier to avoid when you recognize being played for a fiddle.


    1268 days ago
    Love it! It makes me so angry how in our faces junk food is all day every day. You can't escape it. But realizing how the food industry operates makes it easier to resist being a pawn in their games! Good for you! I won't say that I always succeed in resisting temptations - when I'm sick or super tired (like today) I can cave more easily, but it is getting easier to say NO to the junk. One day at a time! emoticon
    1268 days ago
    Amen. Have you read "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite" by David Kessler? I highly recommend it. He made me view food in a new light. They are playing a game with our health and we are the only ones who can stop it. I now avoid hyperpalatables (all the things you mentioned above) not just due to their calories and poor nutrients but because they make me crave more! These foods are addictive for some (me included) and I'm glad to see you are taking a stand for your health!
    1268 days ago
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