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Cravings for a Big Mac

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I succesfully beat back a McDonalds craving today. I rarely eat there, but today I happened to be in my car at lunch time, hungry, driving by a McDs and all of a sudden there it was, in my head, the idea of a Big Mac! It was strong, almost bigger than me, and I almost stopped and turned the car around. Almost.

I've seen Supersize Me and Fast-Food Nation. I know (logically, rationally) what garbage they serve at McDonald's. Yet even knowing this I wanted to stop there. What causes cravings like this? Hunger is a strong emotion but it's not the only reason, it can't be. Hunger can be easily satisfied with fruit or a salad, so what causes a craving for a high fat meal? Smarter people than me have spent years trying to figure this out so I won't even try to identify the biology behind it. Instead I can identify a few bad habits that may have caused it.

First of all, I shouldn't be out of the house at lunchtime without a plan. This is a good rule I normally try and keep, sort of like not going grocery shopping while you're hungry. Keeping some nuts or fruit with me in case my morning meeting runs over, like today, would have been helpful too.

Also, I did not eat a good breakfast today, no protein whatsoever. I grabbed a cup of coffee and a granola bar and wolfed it down on my way out the door because I didn't set the alarm and we all overslept. Note to self: no protein in the morning equals cravings a few hours later. Got it.

Instead of giving in to the cravings, I drove right by and all the way home. While I was in the car all I could think about was my hunger and what I was going to have to eat. I'd intended to eat a tuna/onion salad that I made yesterday, but somehow it just didn't seem fattening enough after thinking about the Big Mac. My mind wanted something with fat in it. I talked myself out of a number of other disastrous foods and ended up slicing a big, fat, ripe avocado onto my tuna salad. Yum. It was good, even better than a Big Mac. Of course the avocado has plenty of calories, but it's also nutrient rich and so much healthier.

On another note: Using the SparkPeople workout generator I did a 35 minute upper body workout yesterday with my new 5lb dumbells. Holy Soreness Batman! At the time it didn't seem like a difficult workout and I said to my husband "maybe the 5 pounders are too light". He just laughed and said "you'll see tomorrow".
Yeah, um, the 5 lb dumbells are enough for now.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good on you for exercising the discipline.....yeah, never let yourself get too hungry when you're around McDeath!
    1590 days ago

    Hunger shouldn't be an emotion, but a sensation... We often take one as the other and here are the cravings.

    (That and hormones.)
    1590 days ago
    Even though I know fast food is crap, sometimes it sounds good! I don't know why! Human behavior is baffling! Good for you that you didn't turn around!
    1590 days ago
    Avocado, tuna, and onion are all SOOOOO super good for you! Awesome protein and fats! A Big Mac has some protein, but nasty corn-fed-hormone-pumped beef fat, a sugar sweet crack bun, and is never as satisfying as you expect it to be. McDonald's always sounds good in my head, but then when I eat it, it's disgusting.

    Now, Wendy's on the other hand... yumm!!! ;)
    1590 days ago
    What a great description of what was going through your mind and how you handled it! I've found myself with the same thoughts at similar times. You've created a great strategy, one that I am going to emuate. Thank you so much! I'm dealing with 5 pound weights too. It will get easier, as SUCCESS_IN_2013 points out. Thank you again!
    1590 days ago
    It sounds like you know what you are doing, to handle your cravings. Good job on the tuna and avocado sandwich! I started with 5 lbs too, and they were HEAVY at first and I used them for a long time, but now I am soon-to-move-up-from 10 lbs WooHoo!
    1590 days ago
  • SAMMI4444
    That's awesome! I wasn't as good as you...caved into my Taco Bell craving yesterday :(
    1590 days ago
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