Change and how you think of it.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

So very true and something many of us so often forget.

I am glad I saw this on FB today. I am going to get a canvas and make some craft with that saying so I never forget it. I want to embrace it.

With all the pain and such I have been having and wondering why my body has gotten so much worse in past 4 -6 months, I have to learn to adjust and adapt - hence change.

I am so glad I have my physio apointment for my hamstring/knee issue this week and am going to be relentless in asking her to help me with a exercise routine for my back also. Not just squeeze your core muscles. Also thanks to a new spark friend, I have even more respect for pre surgery knee exercises! Thanks to KNIEPS who did so well after surgery but got strong before. And also stressed being conscientious about after surgery exercises too. That is what is scaring me but not cos of the knee but my back. So will be pursuing what I can do for it also.

And also this fiasco with adding wheat back into my diet has been really enlightening. Even if I don't have gluten sensitivity I do know it makes me like an addict. total carb addiction again. So when I went to the naturopath for refills, she saw me at the desk and brought me in for few secs. I told her what and how much I am eating and how I felt and she said continue eating like that till friday and then go get your blood done and back on track. So friday I will do that and probably get my foot xray at the same time.
So going back to the quote, I am willing to learn and explore new eating habits, as hard as I am finding it I personally know someone that is a huge inspiration in that area!!! thanks to another sparker Anjays-Journey who has had huge challenges in the food land LOL

For today, my pain is better, still there in my back and knees and strange feel like I was punched in my sides of my hips ( started at the store yesterday), but so far okay. and sun is out. So I am going downstairs and going to try to tidy the area that I put evrything the other day as dads worker comes and needs to get to the washer. lol
Then will try to frame some stuff for him and then off to chiro.

HUGS and have a super day and EMBRACE CHANGE FOR THE GOOD and if we don't try change we will never know what could be.

OH ps: Apple cinnamon crockpot oatmeal is awesome , just like a dessert for breakfast and no sugar in it!! YUM! lol
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