Double Peak hike and today's workout

Monday, April 08, 2013

Hooray! WOLFKITTY and I finally checked off an item that's been on our adventure list for more than a year. We hiked to the tiny trees on Double Peak, which is in a park near where we live.

We would always stare up at those two tiny trees and say, We're hiking up there one day. But it took a while for that one day to arrive. It did on Saturday!

We started out early and hiked up the trail that zigzags through a park, then a neighborhood, then some brush, and finally up a steep road to the top of the hill where there's a tiny park with the two (not so tiny) trees and a telescope. It was a cloudy morning when we got to the top, but we could still see the ocean. Very cool.

The hike was not easy for me. I've been doing my boot camps for a few weeks, but I haven't been walking or hiking that much lately. We gained almost 1,000 feet in elevation during the hike and those steep hills were challenging my calves every step of the way. My husband came with us, and while he was the one fighting it all along, he ended up taking the lead and really enjoyed the hike. This is promising because there are some other hikes I really want to do!

A screenshot from MapMyRun that shows the elevation gain.

It was pretty rewarding to make it to the top of that hill. I was hesitant to hike it for so long, thinking it was too hard and that I could never manage it. But clearly that was all in my head!

Me and Jocelyn at the top!

My calves are still sore from that hike! I stretched after the hike and more yesterday, but I can still feel soreness with every step. This morning's Kaia workout loosened them up a bit, but sitting at my desk all day is undoing anything I gained.

This morning's workout was hard. They're all hard! But that's a good thing. I still can't do some advanced moves, but I keep moving the entire hour. Here's what we did today (all exercises were for 2 minutes each):

* Resistance bands - shoulders - 4 different exercises
* Lunges - Side-to-side holding 10 lb medicine ball, side lunges no weights, and walking lunges
* Farmer walks with 2 10-lb kettlebells
* Sprints
* Oblique twists with 10-lb medicine ball
* Inchworm planks
* Bear crawls
* Fast feet and side shuffles across room and back
* Crunches
* Planks
* Ball-ups
* Squat thrusts
* Step-ups

Then we had to partner up and holding a medicine ball while balancing on one foot, bend forward to touch the ground with the ball and then pass it to your partner. Somehow we didn't headbutt each other!

Lastly, still balancing on one foot, we had to toss the ball to the other person, aiming for the non-balancing side. I need to work on balance! I fell a few times, plus I notice how difficult it is to balance in yoga, so I need to do some balance work on my own.
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