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Monday, April 08, 2013

So, after watching endless commercials I started weight watchers. I’ve come to the conclusion that counting calories just isn’t a good fit for me… something I’ve known for forever but I always find myself trying. I joined Friday but am starting my first “real” week as of today. I read a lot of reviews…. Some great, others not so great.

A common thing I saw about weight watchers was it doesn’t count calories. As I use their calculator to figure points, I was surprised it never asked for calories on labels. Weird….

Another problem I read about weight watchers is fruit is counted as 0 and it seems that some people just stuffed their faces with it and then didn’t loose weight.

Another problem was it didn’t necessarily promote health food, just food that fit within points. I found this when I put in info on some cookies and found that 3 of them only cost me 4 points.

However, I think you need to use some common sense. Try to aim for healthier food choices, as you would with calorie counting. I ate 1 piece of cantelope this morning with some v8 (v8 had points, cantelope did not). I feel that moderation with fruits (especially fruit since they have more sugar in them than veggies) is important.

For now, I’m curious how many calories I’m eating when following the WW point system so I’m logging everything there as well as on My Fitness pal. So far, my day is going as it pretty well would usually. For breakfast I had cantelope, V8 fusion… snack I had coffee with sugar free creamer and mixed tropical nuts. I get 28 points a day with WW and have used 7 with 21 remaining. According to My Fitness Pal I’ve eaten 290 calories. I have used ¼ of my WW points and have consumed ¼ of calories that I would on a 1200 calorie diet… seems to be lining up so far.
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    Best Wishes emoticon
    1750 days ago
    WW may be the program that works for you! It'll work, if you work it.

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    1750 days ago
    Weight Watchers is 50 calories a point, that is what a leader told me one time.
    1750 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I learned a fair amount about what meals were satisfying when I was on WW years ago. However, it wasn't until much later (and another program that didn't require tracking) that I was able to stick to sane meals long enough to lose and maintain. That was over three years ago.

    WW isn't going to tell you what to eat because the research shows that people must come to their own conclusions over time what higher calorie foods they dont' want to do without and which ones to let go of, no matter what the nutritional content. If we want to lose weight, it boils down to eating less dense foods that we used to. Some people supplement with a lot more water-rich foods (freggies) and others don't. And the habits usually evolve over time.

    I'm on a maintenance team and just about no one there has cut any particular food out of her diet. They just don't eat as much of it or as often anymore and have found other delicious foods that they are happy eating more often. Trial and error.

    Giving up is the crucial mistake.
    1750 days ago
    WW is a good program, as long as you follow it! I have personally had better success with SP, but I stopped monitoring myself on Weightwatchers after 3 months or so ... so the fault was my own
    1750 days ago
    i know lots who have loss weight with ww so i wish you the best!! and yes yes....commen sense is a must! :) i myself am trying once again to get myself on a vegan routine. it's never easy to try something new but we'll never know unless we do, right? lol
    have a great day!!
    1750 days ago
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