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a great weekend ***pics included!***

Monday, April 08, 2013

This was a really good weekend. Saturday I went in to Red Lobster and it was a quiet Saturday. After getting off of work it was time to get ready for my father-in-law's surprise birthday party. The jumper I bought online was too big but I had to make it work. I came to realize something: wearing clothes that are too small OR too big make you look bigger. So while everyone was telling me I looked great, I looked like I was 10 pounds heavier than I actually am. I noticed that although I have not gained any weight, I look softer. I definitely need to increase my strength training. Here are some pics from the night.

Me and the fiancé

Derrell's aunts and I

Derrell and his brother and sisters

My friend Toya and I

I danced until my hair sweated out (as you can see). It was a bunch of fun. By the time I got home, my shins and ankles were hurting from dancing in 3 1/2 inch heels. Did I mention I broke one of the straps on my heels from dropping it low one too many times? I am sure I got in a good workout. Typically aching legs wouldn't be too big of a hassle but I had a 5k the next afternoon.

The next morning I rubbed my legs down with my runner's stick and put on my compression sleeves. I then decided that a light workout may loosen me up. Derrell and I went to the gym and I did an hour on the treadmill. No running. No incline. Just a steady walk at 3.5. I finished and put in a few minutes of upper body work. I immediately left the gym and went to my race. It was the Totally Rad 80's Run 5K. I thought I looked the part

that is until I got to the race. These folks went all out! I wish I had taken pics of the people there. There were guys running holding boom boxes (the ol' school ones) playing Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical." There was a teenage girl running in a gold lame` one-piece jumper with the belt. It was hilarious. Hair was teased to the sky. There were men in mullets in teeny tiny shorts, hairy thighs and all. It was a good time.

These pics were before the race. I was running alone but Derrell came for moral support. Right before the gun blew, I told him that it would take me about 37 minutes and that he could relax. The gun sounded and I began to run. I didn't have any music but it was nice and breezy outside and the air was clean and crisp so I was fine. My legs felt good and I was moving well. The route was one with a lot of gradual hills and inclines and then three big hills that we had to run up and down. I rand all the way through the first hill. By the second hill, I had to take a walk break through the top of the hill and then began running again and did that again on the third hill. But other than maybe 4 minutes of walking, I ran the whole thing. As I neared the finish line, I realized I had not been running that long and that I was in the first group of people. I caught a glance of the hills I had just passed and was surprised to see how many people were behind me. As I come to the 50 yard stretch to the finish line, I see Derrell and he looks really shocked and happy:. As I come up on the finish line, I see why: It is 28 minutes! I crossed the finish line at 28:20! I was sooo happy! I couldn't believe it! I knew at one point two women passed me and said that they just hit a mile at 9:14. They were tracking with some watch. Derrell was so happy! He kept high-fiving me, laughing and hugging me and telling me he was proud. He told me that He had just checked his watch and noticed a few people finishing and had just got up by the finish line to make sure he had a spot to see me come in and he said he was floored when he seen me coming up the hill. He took this pic of me afterwards

I will have to put an asterisk next to this win because I don't believe it was really 3.14 miles. I think it was closer to 2.75. It just seemed too easy and even my BodyBugg didn't register enough steps for it to be a true 5k. But I still did really good, especially with finishing with the early pack. I have another 5k next month and I know that is a true 5k so I will have to compare then. Have a great day Sparklers!
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