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Sunday, April 07, 2013

The "Redbud" is an annual weekend of fitness that involves one day of cycling (10, 33 and 50 miles).. and the 2nd day is running... Here's my blog entry from 3 years ago...

Yeah. You read right. I showed up to the Redbud but never got out of the car. I was so defeated. it's been three years and that moment in my life haunted me as just one more time I failed.. one more time I didn't do what I said I would do...

This year I entered the Redbud - again. But I set my mind that this time would be different because I would PLAN it that way..

The last time, I went alone. This time my precious niece came with me to ride with me and make sure I got out of the dern car!

The last time I was overwhelmed by the thousand+ people there - all in their spandex, looking all spiffy and.. well.. a bit serios and intimidating. This time I saw them as "role models" for where I want to be someday.. I admired their physiques and marveled at the various shapes, sizes and ages of all the people. Really, there were the very very fit and those who were clearly beginners, like me.

It was only 10 miles.. but very hilly on a very windy day (you know the song about Oklahoma "where the wind comes sweeping down the plain".. there's a reason for it! HA).. anyhoo.. I don't say that to whine... I say it to BRAG! Because I did it... and I didn't walk one of those hills, not one! And, for me, it was HARD. And do you know that they gave out medals to the finishers?? MEDALS... and I received my first medal!! Me!!

I was so proud of my medal that I wore it ALL-DAY-LONG.. even to the grocery store.. and I'm not gonna lie. I slept with it on. I just couldn't help it.. it represents "do-overs" and the success that can eventually come if I'll just keep trying. I could have been so intimidated that I never tried again... ever. That is so sad to even think about because I would have missed out on that "medal moment" and the extreme amount of satisfaction of doing something I'd previously quit.

And lest you think it was easy for me... here's my heart rate... and the spikes?? those would be the HILLS!

I did not go fast but I did go.

And did I mention that I did not walk any of the hills! NONE.. I rode them even if it was at 3mph. I powered up them, giving it 100% effort! No mercy! I think that's another reason the medal was so sweet... because I worked for it.

Now? I'm signing up for my next ride... 12 miles... and I can't wait!

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