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Pictures from the Dust Bowl -- Clayton NM

Saturday, April 06, 2013

The last stop on our roadshow was Clayton NM. I had a flight to catch in Amarillo at 2:30 CDT. Now using all the usual guidelines, that meant I should have been at AMA by 12:30, at the outside 1:30. It is a 2hour 40 minute drive from Clayton to AMA. It so happens tha it is also a 2:40 drive from Lamar to Clayton. So I ran Lamar as slow as I could and drove conservatively to Clayton (that means only 5 over posted) and I got there at 1:25. It would work.

The welcome to New Mexico was a little underwhelming

Idiots are everywhere.
The Stse of New Mexico USA tried to make p for it with a newer sign higher up.

But idiots have guns too.

The land was getting a little more interesting.

I went straight up to the venue before I went to town. As I topped a hill, i was treated to a spectacular view of prairie spread our before me.

And a couple of deer of some sort bounded across the road. The were 150 yards away before I got to my camera, but you might make them out in the center of this picture.

It's hard I know. I had trouble finding them live.

The venue was absolutely gorgeous:

We were expected

If you look at the water surface, it is choppy. In fact there were some whitecaps. The wind that afternoon was whipping at about 30 mph and gusting. My car door nearly slammed shut on my leg because of the wind.

I didn't like that. Besides. I was in a situation where i must run a sub 3 hour half. I did a 2:58 in Lamar and had plenty of time. But that wind made me nervous.

I really loved the views up here.

Then I got to town.

Not a very big town, but the main drag was not moribund either. I was hungry for lunch and the had a Subway. I headed for it. But i had to pass a Taco cart/trailer. Usually, I would not have stopped fearing my cousin Sal Monella. But I took a chance. It was wonderful. And cheaper than Subway.

I took my walk. I found the Water Tower which for som reason I don't have on this computer. And no grain elevator but I did find a silo (again, no picture?). A local informed me that they only grind coffee over there now. Damn yuppies are everywhere.

But Main St looked nice

In the evening we had dinner together at a local restaurant and the Chamber of Commerce was there to welcome us. They even gave us Clayton NM coffee mugs. How nice! And tonight, we got served! Hooray.

I slept little that night. The forecast called for snow and temps in the low to middle teens! I had all my stuff laid out. When the clock rang at 4:30 MDT, I did not want to get up. I just knew it was going to be bitter cold and windy. And even my wool kilt and knee sox would not be enough. I had talked myself into staying in bed, but I really had to pee. On the way back to bed, my clothes were mocking me.

So I dressed for battle.

I went to the lobby for breakfast and one female runner told me that my "outfit" was "cute."

"I'm not going for a cute outfit. I'm looking for warm gear."

On the way out to the car, I looked up and saw stars. The air smelled wet, but there was no precipitation. Even frost on the windshield.

It was a dark lonely drive up to the lake, but once there, we discovered only a light breeze. And temps in the low to mid twenties.

It was tolerable.

I ran my race and while not the best time of the series for me, it was my best race. I was done in plenty of time to make it to Amarillo.

I arrived at Amarillo airport dressed like that. Kilt, Maryland flag shirt, and bling. One guy was rude enough to stare.

I told him, "Look, just finished running my 5th half marathon in my 5th state in 5 days," held up the medals. "It was about 20 degrees. I came right from the race. I am nearly sixty years old. I will wear any damn thing I want. Even a kilt."

He laughed. "I think you have earned that right. Good job."

I had time to get in, change, freshen up a little (the old college shower) and still make my flight to Dallas where I met She(WMBO) and we flew together to Corpus Christi where I would run one more race after a day of rest.

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