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Finishing BLC Round 21 Strong!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Back in January....::::I set out to join a Maintenance Team, joined the Powerful Prizm Panthers and I did it!...::::I maintained!! emoticon emoticon

It makes me feel powerful to have learned self discipline. Such a far cry from that past-time unhealthy lifestyle controlling me. But the past is the past...:::way back there. emoticon I feel new, strong, slim and powerful LOL!! Just like my team's title.....:::I feel like a Powerful Prizm Panther.

OOPS! LOL!! Wrong picture....Muhahahah.... emoticon emoticon emoticon how embarrassing. emoticon here is the proper pic!

For the BLC's 12 weeks:::::.....

emoticon :::...I stayed in my maintenance range
emoticon :::...stayed in my cal range 90% of the time
emoticon :::...tracked every BLT ( bite, lick, taste)
emoticon :::...averaged 1500-2000 fitness minutes/month
emoticon :::...increased my free weight from 15# to 20# in each hand
emoticon :::...overcame the stress from last year's car wreck
emoticon :::...made sleep a priority and stayed in my range of 6-8 hrs.
emoticon:::...even dropped 3# to the low end of my weight range.

Maintenance is a funny thing.....::::"she" has a sense of humor. She can change her mind ( & yours), and there are no intimidation tactics if you follow her, and go with the flow. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to be relaxed about Mr. Scales. The journey of my 1st 12 weeks of maintenance were peaceful. I hadn't expected this....I have seen so many others be anxious about whether they were doing the right thing, stress about small details and frankly totally end up hating the "lifestyle"....:::cycling back into a weight gain. That can look scary when you haven't even been down that road. I was warned about many pitfalls.

I suppose I AM an Opportunist.

With the Lord's strength, a huge dose of His Peace and Hope and a disciplined mind, I set out down that brand new road and here I am!
So glad that maintaining is possible, not as intimidating as I was led to think, and the key for me is that I LOVE the lifestyle. I simply do.

And sometimes you DO fall down:::......

But, I always jump back up:::.....

Lol....I think I'm in a pug dog mood. emoticon

...:::doing a Happy Dance here in spring of 2013! emoticon emoticon
So GLAD to be here in this state of mind, with a bright perspective! What an amazing Sparkly website made "free" and FULL of support for the journey!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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