Day 468 - M

Saturday, April 06, 2013

It's been a LONG time since I've posted any pics and I forgot that it takes quite a bit of time for the uploads! These are just some of the shots from the new mountain bike trail we discovered. We went there was more like a SUPER highway!!! It couldn't have been a more gorgeous day and people were out there like crazy. It's a very difficult trail, some parts of it are very steep & fast for the bikers. Yep, REAL fast. Like they'll blow you off the trail if you're not watching for them every minute. They're pretty silent as they go, so you need to use all of your senses to see or hear them coming. We also discovered that this trail takes on traffic (unbelievably) from BOTH directions. They have to get out of each other's way too or they'll crash!! We must've run into about 80 bikers going both ways. We only hiked to the 1st creek today, turned around, finished up the trail and got back into the safety of the woods where there is no trail, no people, no bikers. Just Jetta & I....then we could hike without worrying about being run over. So....this bike trail is like heaven...only during the week when it's deserted and the weekend warriors are consumed with their 9-5 lives.

Today's mileage: 9.90 miles
ST: core; lower body

A big thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope you were able to get out to enjoy the fabulous weather today, it was glorious. emoticon
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