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The Gauntlet and the Gutter

Saturday, April 06, 2013

I'm just going to brush past the fact that, once again, I've been errant in my SparkWorld manners and just get on with it...sort of.

So, a lot has been going on in life and I've kind of been spending a lot of time just trying to avoid the stress of my current daily life, but not going about it in healthy, "deal with it" type ways. Part of the symptom has been an ongoing absence from SparkPeople.

This week the gauntlet has been thrown down. Those that know me know that my sister and I are both here on Spark and, well, to be factual about it, she called me out emoticon . She's a good sister like that. emoticon So the gauntlet is lying there on the virtual ground (since this all happened via FB message-lol) and I can't just leave it there! Challenge accepted. Triumphant return and imminent victory expected. emoticon One day at a time. One day at a time. :)

So, now on with the step for the day. My running hasn't been stellar lately as my only current running partner is not as motivating as my favorite running partner, who I've been missing terribly, but is working her way back, so I need to get my speed back up to speed. She can always leave me in the dust anyways, but I'd like to be able to at least stay in the same time zone as her once we are running together again :).

I decided awhile ago I would go back through C25K to get my endurance and speed back and utilize virtual runs for motivation. I started the standard C25K but was having problems sticking to it for some reason and then decided that I would try a new program I heard about called Zombies, Run.

About one week into the regular Zombies, Run program I decided I needed something a bit more structured and found out they have a Zombies 5K training program and I've been doing that for a month now.

Gotta say, I'm loving the program. It starts out that the Zombie Apocalypse has happened and you are a new member of a community called Able. They are doing okay against the Zombie hordes, but as a new member you need to pull your own weight so they start training you as one of the runners who go outside the safety of the gates for various errands including collecting food and finding medicine. Most of your "training" happens inside the safety of the gates, but every so often you have to go outside for some reason or another and you end up having to run from a zombie or two.

The program differs quite a bit from C25K and includes things like heel lifts or knee lifts interspersed with the running or walking sections. At first that part was a little odd to me, but I really enjoy the variation and I know that the knee lifts are good for building flexibility in my hips and strengthening exactly the muscles that help me be a better runner so it makes sense to me that they are there. The program is keeping me motivated and I'm watching my times go down for the most part. I'm still struggling with running more than walking when I have a choice, but I'm working on it. One day at a time, one day at a time.

That brings us to the gutter part. This morning I got up, got ready for my run and went out. In the first free form run, where I get to choose how much I run and how much I walk, I mostly walked and was not so happy with myself. I really pushed for each segment after that and during the final free form run I ran more than I walked and really pushed at the end for some speed and was really pleased with my pace and distance when the workout ended. I was still nearly a mile from home and fast paced the walk the rest of the way home trying to aim for the pace of breathless conversation. About half a mile from home (the entire route is a 5K) I could feel the telltale rubbing of a blister on the back of my foot. I knew the socks I chose for this morning had the tendency to slip and cause that problem, but hoped that just for today they would behave. Obviously not.

In order to make sure I wouldn't have a bigger problem I decided to stop and adjust the sock. I made an attempt at it without taking off my shoe, but could tell after two steps that I hadn't had the success I hoped for. The street I was on is generally very quiet with very little traffic so I spend my time in the street which worked out well for stopping, propping my foot on the curb, taking off my shoe, and adjusting the sock. Unfortunately, I forgot my penchant for trouble. No sooner had the shoe left my foot then it somehow fell into the gutter. Full of running water. It fell in upside down to guarantee maximum soakage.

Yeah, I'm the only person I know who could go out for a morning run and end up with a shoe in the gutter. Not the entire foot, just a shoe. Might as well have just shoved my entire foot in there, as wet as it got after putting my shoe back on emoticon . It was still a great run, I got sweaty, burned some calories and got the day started off mostly right. Next time I'll wear better socks :).

See ya all around :).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ha, I hate getting my feet wet on a run, so I can sympathise.

    Now THROW THOSE SOCKS AWAY. Yes, you heard me, a few dollars aren't worth a blister, are they? The socks are never going to behave, therefore they COST you opportunity, health, dry feet.

    Yay to accepting your dear sister's challenge. You can do it.
    1795 days ago
    You and your sis are such an inspiration to me. Welcome back! I'm back too and together we are all going to kick some major booty!
    1798 days ago
    Love the blog! Glad you picked up the gauntlet, it is good to have you back. :)
    1802 days ago
    Oh how happy it was to see a post from you sitting in my inbox this morning!!! Thanks for picking up that gauntlet that was thrown...LOL

    And I'm sorry, but glad at the same time, that you miss having me as your "favorite" running partner!!! Sorry because I miss it too, but glad because that means I have something to really look forward to when I'm back 100%!

    I have been wanting to do the Zombies, Run for a long time now! I have debated back and forth about purchasing it, but the last time I truly contemplated it was when we were in the thick of 1/2 training, so I figured it was pointless then...but I think I shall join you on the 5k plan once I'm cleared! Should be a good way to gradually ease back in while making it fun.

    And oh. my. goodness!! Only YOU would end up with a shoe in a gutter full of running water!!! Only you...LOL I will admit, I giggled a little at your antics! ;-)

    So, I expect to see you blogging at least a couple times a week over here. And you are to track your food at least 2 days this week!!! I may not be able to run, but I can still run ya!!! hahaha
    1804 days ago
    emoticon for catching us up on your antics emoticon
    1806 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon
    1806 days ago
    Heather you are an accident waiting to happen at times emoticon

    I can just see you getting annoyed at losing the trainer!'s good to see you back on SP and motivated! The new program sounds a good challenge for you
    emoticon emoticon

    Have a great weekend babe emoticon
    1806 days ago
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