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Saturday, April 06, 2013

I want to give a huge emoticon to all my readers who've commented with various suggestions the last few days during this current "flare" of either my fibromyalgia or EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). It's SO ENCOURAGING!!!

THAT is not something I expected from this... from blogging so often, and about everything - the good, the bad, etc.!!! Sure, I expected it from those who know me here - I knew a few of them would find something good to say to help me not forget my goals here. emoticon I have some really, really great friends here!

Looks like I'll be making a few more! emoticon


This seems like a good point to share a little more of my routine(s).

Due to many health issues all my exercise must be low-impact.

So, I discovered the Gazelle back in 2000. Mine has adjustable tensions so it's easy to vary the intensity without going all crazy like Tony Little does in his infomercials. emoticon I still mostly do it at 10-minute sessions - always once early in the day, but many days I will do it a few other times.

I've worked some with pilates but have never found any classes nearby to help me with form, so I don't do so much of it. But it is helpful at times.

T-Tapp actually works better for me than anything else so far. It seems more is accomplished with less impact and less stress. Eventually I hope to do the entire 45-minute whole body basic workout all at the same time but right now I have to break it down, working different body areas for maybe 10-15 minutes at a time. I will do the full round over the week maybe twice most weeks.

In January 2011 we bought a set of Zumba DVDs - lots of teaching steps and practicing to prep you for the full dances! So fun! But I found it also too much for my body... so I stick to the beginning teaching steps since that's the best pace for me. Often tho it's hard on me even with that so I don't do it too often. It's still a lot of fun tho! emoticon

The newest thing for me is called Fluidity! Not something I probably would have even bought myself, but I inherited from my dancing, theatrical, NYC-bound daughter who loves it but just can't use it right now. Her loss ~ my gain. I hope! I'm still learning how it all works out - so I'm at the very beginning stages but I like that it imitates a dance barre and floor mat. Someday I hope to regain that long & lean look from so many years ago. emoticon

All this provides me with a lot of variety to keep some sort of low-impact exercise going on most days. One other thing I do is walk... with 2 canes some days... but, it is what it is! I don't always wear my pedometer (always cheap ones that miss steps often & break easily) but I do have the # of steps noted for my most frequent pathways and I will jot down a number of steps to total up later in the day or the next morning.

My goal with walking is to slowly increase the steps without increasing the pain. But even at that, walking or even just standing on my feet more than 20 minutes at a time will increase pain.

I've worked hard to eliminate prescription pain meds and I don't use NSAIDs at all (due to my own health issues). I've done tons of research on alternative treatments for pain and make use of many modalities to fight the pain, reduce the inflammation, and minimize overall damage to my poor body. emoticon

I do appreciate, and even welcome, any suggestions for pain management that do not include taking pharmaceuticals... so if you have something that works for you please don't hesitate to suggest it!

The flare continues... but seems to be finally lessening. Very likely it was connected to some changing weather conditions developing, ongoing, etc. We got some rain today, with a lot of wind ahead of it, and winds have now shifted and temps are climbing again. So maybe a day or two more and it will ease up entirely and I can be more focused on moving forward again.

Until next time; Spark Cheers! emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It sounds like your activity is varied and that is good. Your body won't "learn" what you are doing and stop reacting to weight loss. I like reading about the different things that you are doing. Very interesting!!!

    As far as the pain goes, I try my best to use a heating pad on my back each night before I go to sleep. I will lay in bed with my legs propped on a pillow and read the 2013 yearbook for about 20 minutes or so. Then I turn it off and take it out from under me. Then, for the most part, I can get a good nights sleep. I hope you are able to find some relief soon.
    Hugs to you!
    1781 days ago
    WOW! emoticon
    emoticon for all the great tips and ideas!
    A few are familiar, and even used at times. Some were new too, so I'll be looking into those and may even come back to you with questions! emoticon
    1782 days ago
    Andee, check out Real Time Pain Relief, I got it and it really helps. It's a cream and you have to get it on line. Use Promo Code 3798 to get 3 free travel packs if you order.
    1782 days ago
    Gentle hugs sent your way. Your workout sounds very creative.
    1782 days ago
    I use heat, cold, gentle yoga, and meditation for pain. Wishing you relief.
    1783 days ago
    I know we all need the new system pronto. I have made some health improvements recently, but like you, there are some that can't be fixed with a healthy lifestyle. I have DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) in my spine that is dissolving my vertebrae. When they found it, it was only affecting 3. Almost 7 years later, it has spread to 17. The longer this system goes, the more likely I will end up in a wheelchair for the rest of this system or my life, whichever comes first. Getting healthy now, will alleviate some of the discomfort of being paralyzed, but it's not a pretty picture. I also suffer from PTSD, major depression and suicidal thoughts syndrome. I am able to do a lot more than I have in many many years. With my recent setback I am worried that I am close to that reality, but Jehovah is and will continue to carry us all to the end. All my christian love and know you are in my prayers.
    1783 days ago
    emoticon FENWAYGIRL18

    It does take one to know one when dealing with chronic pain issues!

    I'll say more on my support system at home in another blog. :)

    Thanks again!
    1783 days ago
    Forgot to mention I did still get my exercise & breakfast done before anything else today!

    1783 days ago
    I can relate as I have lyme and fibromyalgia and this winter has been the winter from hell, I know I use a heat wrap on my neck a lot and that can take the edge off at times and also icy hot.... I do eat motrin like candy and when things are just unbearable I do use tylenol 3 and believe me I don't want to use it but the pain just gets so bad.
    I have a aero pilates at home that I bought and it really helps, but I'm like you standing more then 20 minutes at a time can send my feet into painful muscle spasms, sometimes walking is really a chore and I spend many days in bed.
    No one really understands it unless they have to deal with the pain on a daily basis like we do and it's really a life of hell and you have to live with chronic pain and sometimes it's just so overwhelming.
    I'm lucky I have a very supportive hubby and son that I can rely on, I don't know your story but I hope you also have a great support system at home.
    I hope your feeling a little better each day that passes, I know I feel like a barometer at times because I can predict the weather better then any weatherman.
    God Bless! emoticon
    1783 days ago
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