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Pictures from the Dust Bowl -- Lamar CO

Friday, April 05, 2013

This is the Welcome we received in Lamar CO.
As if they really cared.
Read on.

So once we finished with Ulysses KS, we headed west to CO.

And of course when you see this sign, who can resist saying ...

Toto, I don't think were in Kansas anymore.

And I did not know that some of the western counties in Kansas are in the MOuntain time zone and some are not. It was confusing to me to look at the time on my GPS, knowing I was still in Kansas and yet it didn't match the time on my watch. But, my lizard brain was aready in the blender so it didn't really matter.

When I posted my time on Facebook, I stated "... and another one bites the dust. Cross Kansas off the list." My brother, ten years younger than me LOL'd "I see what you did there." Kansas? Dust? as in Dust in the Wind? You low 50-somethings and 40-somethings might get it.
Never mind.

So leaving Kansas meant:

I was entering a new running state. I've been to Colorado a couple of times, but never to run. The land was a little less flat. It was becoming more rolling. But still great expanses of nothing.

And of course those tremendously long trains. I thought I'd seen long trains back east but trains that are miles long just boggle my mind (and scramble my lizard brain.).

According to the ol' GPS on the dash, I was pretty close to Lamar CO when I came across this.

But as I got closer it became evident that it was a controlled burn. OK. Not so exciting. But aromatic without a doubt.

Then I was there:

And the sign at the Rodeway Inn Cow Palace was most encouraging.

I found my way downtown and I found a busy vibrant main street.

I even contributed to their commerce by purchasing some Under Armour Cold Gear in the sporting goods store on Main Street.

While I didn't ever find their water tower, I did locate

Grain elevators. I know I know, to those of you for whom these are normal parts of the background of life, even a political football, it may seem like I am being silly. And I am. But the first time you come to a big city, do not tell me that skyscrapers didn't fascinate you.

There was also a town museum and gift shop.

A blade from one of the wind turbines. Those things are HUGE!!!.

A locomotive and farm windmill

Closest thing to a water tower I saw.

Frontier Madonna. There is one of these in Bethesda MD. Wow! I didn't know.

I went into the train station

where I met a fellow in his 70s named Kyle. Did people in the 1930s actually name their children Kyle? I thought that was an invention of the 1980s. He must have been very lonely. He just wanted to bend my ear off about all the great attractions nearby. I was there for 45 minutes and all I wanted to do was buy a post card and use the bathroom. But if I ever go back to Lamar, I will look up Kyle.

Dinner was at the Cow Palace. There is a large steel building behind and attached to the hotel. There is one like it in Timonium MD at the State Fair Grounds where livestock is shown every late August at the Fair. I asked if it was once used for that. "Nope. That's where the old airport was." So it's a hangar. Why call it the Cow Palace. "Would you want to come stay in a frontier town at a place called the Hangar?"

Rooms overlook the Hangar ... Cow Palace ... and on its floor is the pool, fitness area and some "open air" restaurants. We had dinner in one. I ordered mine at about 5:05.

"I'll have the grilled cheese sandwich with Virginia ham please."
"We don't have ham."
"You're out?"
"We don't even serve it. No ham dinner."
"I just want the grilled cheese with Virginia Ham."
"No ham dinner."
This went on. Finally I said, pointing. "I want this! It says Grilled cheese sandwich with Virginia Ham."
"Well if that's what you wanted why were you asking for ham?"
We both spoke English and I was the one with hearing aids. Why was that so hard?

At 7:00 I folded my napkin and bade my dining companions good night. None of us had gotten even a salad by then.

I went to Subway instead and had a 6 inch chicken sandwich.

The run next morning was at 6:30 local, so we didn't even have to reset our alarm clocks.

And it was warming up.
Positively toasty.

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