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Good news, picture i promised, and stuff

Friday, April 05, 2013

Great report at the radiation oncologist's today. He did a look with the camera and said everything looks perfect! That makes me feel so very good!! But getting that camera into my throat from my nose is not really comfortable. He tries to numb it, but puts the tube in right away. My ENT at least waits a few minutes and then I never feel it. Now I see the ENT in August and Dr K again the end of October. If i'm still clear at that time, I'll be doing a happy dance X 2 !!!!

Bob did take a picture of my new manicure and I'll add it. The polish is a sheer iridescent with green sparkles. It is really beautiful and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I have a little darker Spring Green on the tip and my nail tech thought a white line where the two meet would be nice. I think it looks classy. You'll have to tell me what you think about it.

Don't forget to tell me what you think about the manicure.

I was weighed at the doctor's this morning. I have gained two more pounds this week. I may not lose any more, but I can tell you, I'll not gain anymore. I refuse to do so. Gaining is not an option. As I mentioned, I'm still at a great BMI and I can still wear my clothes though some are a tad tight. But i feel so sluggish where I would feel energetic. I do not like feeling like this, thus my determination is going into overtime. I am looking at things like - this is another plateau and I need to change things up a little. This is why i am back to checking my earlier food and exercise programs.

Finally i am starting to get caught up with things. I'm hoping to get to Spark this week end. I know I owe spark mails and I need to get to my teams. I have missed keeping up with all the activity in my Buddies' lives. Bob read some to me and I would tell him what to answer, but not the teams. I'm looking forward to doing as much as I can this weekend.

The weather here was back into the high 60's today. We had a lot of rain which was fine as we needed it. It was the nice kind, too. No storming and just steady and easy. It is sure to benefit us.

One more thing I'm hoping to get finished this weekend is getting my short story up so all of you who volunteered to help with it will be able to do so. It is always good for me to get other eyes to read, as I'm usually too close to it and miss mistakes. Does anyone else have that problem?

What do you do if you reach a plateau or gain? I know I want to nip this before it gets way out of hand. There is no way i'm going back to where extra weight makes me feel as awful as I did before. How do you feel about checking and keeping healthy? Do any of you go back to eating as you did before? I tried a bite of the meat of something that had been fried and that's the last time I'll ever do that! It made me actually sick to my stomach. Rarely do i eat meat anymore and I don't think I'll be adding much ever. As for fried stuff - yuck! I always thought it tasted so good, i'd always love that once - in - a - while treat. That is not going to happen! So, I'll be interested in hearing what everyone has to say. I never went backwards like this while on my journey. Changing up the exercises i did always seemed to be enough. Now I'm going to be doing different foods, too.

Everyone enjoy your weekend. May the weather where you live be exactly what you need.

peace, Love, Hope


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