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A cool free smartphone app that helps others!

Friday, April 05, 2013

I just found out about this really cool app for my Droid yesterday called Charity Miles. Its also available for iphones and it's free. Miles done biking, running, or walking that you record using the app are counted toward a charity of your choice from the list they have. Walking and running gives 25 cents per mile and bicycling gives 10 cents per mile. Corporate sponsors give the money to the charity based on what you do. You start the app when you are getting ready to do one of those activities and it uses gps to track it. I also ran my runkeeper at the same time and the mileage seemed very very close today when I did 4 1/2 miles. Since I've been doing daily walking of 4 to 8 or 10 miles almost every day it's a great way for what I'm doing anyway to help someone else.
When you start the app each time you choose which of the 3 types of activities you will be doing. You also choose which charity you want it to go to. So you can even spread it between charities. I figures that if I do an average of 4 miles a day, that would be $1 a day. And if I do that 365 days of the year that would be $365 donated to a charity or charities. Some days I might do less, some days I might not do anything, and some days I will do way more so that's my average that I kind of figured this on. When you finish you activity you stop the activity and agree to upload it and accept the sponsorship (the corporate sponsors are sponsoring you). You do need to have a facebook account because that is how your log in is created. I've heard from a couple of other people now that I know here and on fb who have been using it and they said they haven't had any problems like a lot of unwanted spam or something else. So I figure it's a really cool way to give something. You can do a search for Charity Miles App to get to their website I'd put the link in but every since I got a computer with WIndows every time I try to post a link here it freezes on me which is very frustrating.

The Charities you can choose from are
Feeding America
Autism Speaks
Wounded Warrior Project (my top one. Something very dear to my heart although others are too. I may vary who I give my miles to each time, or dedicate a month at a time to a specific charity or a week or something.
The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson research
Stand Up To Cancer
Red to Benefit the Global Fund
World Food Programme
The Nature Conservancy
Habitat for Humanity
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Partnership for a Healthier America
Pencils of Promise
Girl Up United Nations Foundation
Shot @ LIfe United Nations Foundation United Nations Foundation
Ironman Foundation
Every Mother Counts
Achilles International

I think that was all of them. Most I've heard of but there are a few I haven't, but probably someone else has. There are actually a number of them that I would like to help.

So I just wanted to share this in case anyone else wants to know about it and take the miles they are already doing walking, running, or cycling and use it in another way. Too bad I can't use my fitbit miles but I'd have to start the app every time I moved around LOL. But even if I just do my walking it adds up.
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