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Friday, April 05, 2013

So last everyone heard from me is that I was training for a 5K...and the treadmill workouts were great (I only did 3 of them) but still, they were great because I ran 2 miles straight without stopping on the darned thing and I went from 26 minutes to 23 minutes in 4 days. Not too shabby for someone who doesn't run all the time and also for someone who really hasn't worked out in months. emoticon Thank you muscle memory. Thank you crazy life for keeping me always on the move so my cardio isn't at a complete loss. emoticon

Life here is kinda kookee for me right now. I am closing my office after 43 of it being open...and it's a good thing, because retirement is due for the lovely man I work for (my dad) and it's time for some closure for the staff and clients...and we are doing it the right way. That's all I will say about that...because I really have never talked about work on here, and I am not about to start now emoticon

HOWEVER... I will say this: I am now job hunting. Come June, I am a free agent! And there are many things to consider, many avenues to go down, and while daunting... I am keeping the faith that things will work out for a reason. They have before, so I will continue on that path.

Things I am considering are independent consulting and assembly programs...I just need to focus on the subject matter and keep up my research. The money aspect is the daunting part, because it's going to take a while to get things up and running and I might not see a profit on it for at least a year. SO....

That brings me to the immediate future and what to do about that. Single income on LI = not so good = scraping by. Just like anywhere else really, but inflate the prices of everything ten fold. Yay. Good times, good times.....

Anyway, I have put the feelers out there. Where? Well...I sent resume's out and I got a inquiry email request for more info. I have to call back today..we shall see what happens.

This change of life also means a big hiccup in my daily routine. Past behavior: Me home + hubby home (teacher) = we eat and gain weight together. Sweet huh? Not so much when old habits are easy to go back to and hellloooooo, we are emotional eaters here...and stress of no job is looming... SO we are both on guard for the bad behaviors to give us a challenge.

Go ahead....make my day, is what I am saying. Go ahead past devil behavior....TRY it.

That alone is the difference between passing and failing this test. Overcome or be overcome.

I choose to overcome.

I will pass this test.

I have the knowledge, I have the tools....I will win in the end.

Oh...I almost forgot...the 5K story: epic walk is what it turned out to be! LOL Freezing cold... hills... friend with bum knee... 50 minutes later they were closing up shop and all the walkers left on the course were forgotten about emoticon by all the runners...and we weren't even the last ones in!!! There were 15 to 20 people behind us! It was a disgrace in my opinion. The teenagers on the course left their posts, we got lost because the markings were terrible. We told the organizer and she was pissed at the report. SO, maybe next year, I will volunteer to put my 2 cents in just in regards to the walkers!! Hey, maybe next year, I will call on my fellow Long Island Sparkers to show this group how it's really done! Walkers COUNT even in a 5K!!

OK - I am off of my soap box emoticon But it really fried my fritter!

So that is that....I am off to NYC now to eat my way through an Italian dinner and drink and be merry with my sisters for a 40th birthday celebration! Woohoo!!

Oh...and I have to call that recruiter...almost forgot emoticon

Have a good one!

PS - Recruiter-schmooter....what a crock of horshsh!t that was!
a) you can't answer my questions b) you have attitude when I DO ask them c) you just badly represented the company ...good job lady. NOT cool. But THANK you so much for the insight into what NOT to do.. what I would NEVER do if I were in your position...and also, it opened my eyes a whole lot of other things and have me new insight about my own path.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You will figure this out. And it will probably work out to be something you love, and something you are really good at!!!!
    I always walk in the 8K races, and they even recognize us with a medal! That's too bad.
    I'm glad you can run, though. I might could run 2 miles, as much as I train and as hard cardio as I do, but I don't know; I've never even given it a try.

    Good luck in your quest :)

    I know this will work out for you!

    Love ya!
    1745 days ago
  • KANOE10

    I am a walker also in some of the running races. That was insensitive of them to close the race before the walkers arrived!!!

    I wish you well in your new career. It is stressful to change and to look for a job. I think you have developed such strong habits and behaviors in these last years, that they will carry through in the next difficult year.

    Good riddance to that recruiter!

    Have a great celebration with your sister.


    1752 days ago
    Hey! We've been living on my single income as a teacher for a year. (DH recently began working part-time.) Yes, it's a major lifestyle change. But now we look back and say, "What did we do with all that money?" We have an easy mortgage, food, clothing, and money going into the college funds. What more can you ask for?

    Good luck as you look for a new path! in the meantime, don't stress out. Everything happens that way it needs to.
    1752 days ago
    You've got a great attitude. In this age of networking, everything depends on who you know so the bigger the pond you swim in, the more fish you will run into. emoticon
    1754 days ago
  • DALID414
    Wow, sad that they wouldn't even wait a full hour! I'd be on a soapbox rant too!
    1754 days ago
  • -AMANDA79-
    Good luck on this big change! emoticon
    1754 days ago
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