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Post-Work Binge Blues

Friday, April 05, 2013

I went out to drinks with coworkers on Thursday evening. I actually drank less than I planned to. I did have some french fries at the bar, but the portion size was around 300 calories. No biggie -- if I didn't eat anything for dinner, I would still stay in range for the day.

But I binged when I got home. First, I ate the 300-calorie portion of the pistachios that I planned on skipping since I had those fries for dinner. Then I had some dried apricots. Then I munched on some Tofurky sausage. Then I had a string cheese. Then I ate three Skinny Cow chocolate bars. For a grand total about 1,000 calories in excess.

My mistake started early on that day. I've realized the importance of eating most of my daily carbs by lunch. I usually bring my lunch from home, but on Thursday, I ran low on muffins, and only had one left. (I planned for two.) I also forgot to bring a couple of string cheeses that I planned to snack on. So for the rest of the workday, I felt lethargic and a bit hungry. Perhaps if I ate my planned meal, I would've avoided those french fries and saved those calories for my pistachio dinner as I planned.

Lesson learned. When it comes to weight loss, carbs is a do-or-don't factor. I need them, period. The next time I make daily calorie range before I get home, I will brush my teeth within the first 15 minutes of getting in the door. If I have a serious craving, I'll eat 150 calories worth of protein and produce. I'm serious about reaching my goal by Wednesday August 14. Nutrition is 80 percent of the struggle.

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