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I had my chance long ago sigh......

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Our kids today and young people need to look at the facts and trials and tribulations of all of their fellow Sparkers. We all have a story to tell. I had always wished my Mom had shared the in's and out's of weight problems, and things I needed to know growing up. I was kept in the dark mostly. Maybe it was her lack of knowledge in that field.

In my younger days I thought 5 lbs was way fat. I was always a average sized girl. Then here it comes, I had kids. Doesn't it seem that is always the factor of weight gain for women?

Anyway all the things I should have been told were never told to me. Now today's world there is more out there about the problems of obesity and what to do about it. But do most of our kids care? They don't act like they really want to change their lives, or they make it sound like it's just for the now. They don't get it. You can't do it that way it's called yo yo dieting. Believe me I could run for mayor in a contest of yo yo dieting experiences. I had to learn the hard way and many years later.

I wish I knew then, what I know now. Sound familiar? That is all of us. Anyway the kids think temporary. We try to tell them but they think we are full of hot air. I guess they will have to learn the same way we had to, and that's too bad, because they will end up like the rest of us in their later years, struggling to do something now.

The sadder fact is it's way harder to lose the weight because our bodies settle. Actually the term bottom heavy comes to mind. I used to do hand stands and walk on them. Cartwheels, jumping jacks Ha! I can't even lift myself off the ground. Yep it settles and it gets harder and harder to do something about it. So getting healthy is about all I can do, and I guess that will be enough, I had my chance when I was young. emoticon
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    I'm 53 - things shift/change. You're right - my kids generation - twenties somethings - want quick fixes. Maybe it's not just THAT generation - maybe the same can be said for our society as a whole. Patience and understanding would get us all a lot further. emoticon
    1744 days ago
    I don't know how old you are or exactly what age group you may be talking about but I do have some good news and I thought I would share...maybe it will restore some of your hope for future generations. I am super obese, not a lifelong thing, but I have a husband who is fit and we have an eight year old son. When I found out I was pregnant we started discussing what our son would/would not eat while he was living at home. Even with my weight issues my son has been a picture of health. I have a child that asks me for healthy lunches and snacks. We live in Arizona and the two schools he has been to have pushed nutrition. Both schools had the kids help prepare, plant and harvest from a garden. Nutrition is talked about on a consistent basis. My son understands what calories are and what certain foods do for the health of your body. We are fortunate in that my son is naturally inquisitive, so that makes things easier. He wants to know how and why stuff works the way it does. His teacher often races the kids around the track...the boys try to beat her. She is a marathon runner. My son participates in all of his meal choices and shops with us.

    While I do see many families make poor food choices, I know that in a few schools the importance of health and nutrition is front and center. Maybe it won't be as bad as thought.
    1744 days ago
  • JENNY160
    They start taking care of their teeth when they have to pay their own dental bills...maybe if they had to pay for their own health insurance at an early age, maybe that would jump start their senses?

    Unfortunately research has shown that the ability to not only learn from our mistakes but to change our behavior based on the consequences doesn't really develop and take hold in our imperfect little brains until we are in our 20's...
    1749 days ago
    It certainly isn't just "kids" - if I had a nickle for each of my peers (grown women and men!) who are sure that their new cleanse/juice fast/vitamin/cabbage soup regimen is gonna "get me slim," I wouldn't have to scrimp and pinch to get money for yoga training! LOL
    1750 days ago
    So very true!!

    Big emoticon
    1751 days ago
    "Kids don't listen to their parents" rings so true for any age. emoticon
    1753 days ago
    Very well said and oh so true
    1754 days ago
  • SKATER787
    You are young.
    1754 days ago
    1754 days ago
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