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Dad & Dog Part 2

Thursday, April 04, 2013

The first day the MD told us that with strokes within 72 hours the damage could heal almost completely or get worse. Well, God and the powers that be knew who they were dealing with, so the damage got worse! My Dad is now paralyzed on his left side and having some kind of uncontrolled movement issue with his right hand that prevents him from feeding himself. Of course, Mr. Pride wouldn't tell me he needed help eating, so he just didn't eat for hours while I was there. After a family friend fed him last evening she reported he looked better and seemed to feel better. All he had to do was ask! Augh, that man! Anyhow, his damage is worse. More paralysis, slightly more cognitive impairment and he is sleepy! so very sleepy! they are moving him to a rehab center nearer to home today. He will begin physical therapy, occupational therapy and possibly speech therapy.

As for Jack... He had to spend the night at the doggie hospital b/c they couldn't get his MRI in yesterday due to several emergencies. We were told we could bring him back today or leave him. After the harrowing trip there we decided to leave him overnight. The vet said the dizziness probably made his ride very uncomfortable and he doesn't ride well anyhow. So, i'm now waiting on those results. Possabilities included a deep inner ear infection (below the ear drum), canine menengitis, mini-strokes or a brain tumor. The vet is awesome! We really, really liked her and so did Jack. As of this morning he had eaten very little, but went out and pottied and played some and was standing up looking around. Well, as I was typing that I was waiting on his results and of course it is bad news. The MRI showed 3 brain masses. It could be infection b/c brain infections look like tumors, but it could be brain tumors. She drew some spinal fluid to find out. But, his blood readings were normal last week, so I am feeling rather hopeless.

I'm not sure how much more I can take Or, If I can actually take this.

I don't know. I am lost. Lost.
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