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Feeling strong

Thursday, April 04, 2013

I am SOOO in the zone with regard to corrective eating and working out, and I am thrilled.

I must say that switching to raw food eating has really been a bonus for me. I have not craved one single thing since the changed diet. My insulin is stable and I have so much energy again I feel reborn.

I was feeling a tad sad that my time at the boot camp is drawing to and end, and then today my son gave me a gift of another paid month of boot camp. I was over the moon. He has not seen me for 1 month and so impressed with not only the weight loss, but also the new muscle tone. The only down side was his comment about "you've been here before mom, hope you make it permanent this time."
Thing is, I couldn't be cross or hurt by that statement because its the truth. So rather than waste any emotions on "poor me" attitudes, I decided that the proof is in the pudding....or in my case, the lack of it.
In any case, everyone knows that.........

The other thing is, that there is no magic to weight loss which results in good health, we have to work at our choices, EVERY SINGLE DAY. What we do in public must be what we do in private also. Be our own monitor.

I have a friend who has only gained between 3-5kgs (9-11 pounds) in the 40 years she's been married. She had nowhere to put any weight being pint sized. And it's not as if she hasn't had kids "ruining" her figure - she's had 4 kids - one being the largest boy born in our local hospital weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds. Her "magic" was never to wear elasticated skirts, tracksuit pants etc and the minute the clothes felt tight, she would eat salads till they fitted correctly again. Now, I so want to be envious of her little body, but that won't help either. Jealousy is just another wasted effort.

All I can do, is do what I am currently doing and give myself the time to get this weight off and improve my health. I do wish that I had managed it lonnnnnng ago, but I didn't know about insulin resistance and all that goes along with it. Now I do, and since working in harmony with that knowledge, I feel as if the weight is melting off me....for now. I am sure that plateaus will find me....but that's a bridge to cross when I get there. For now my plan is to.......

The only thing that I am struggling with emoticon is that with eating raw foods and no simple carbohydrates I get COLD EASILY. We have entered autumn, and usually I can't wait because I get so incredibly hot. Now I'm not so sure about that as I have nothing to warm my system up. I wish I had known about raw food eating through the heat of summer.
I do sprinkle cayenne pepper on nearly everything and it helps but.....real winter is not here yet. I may have to eat some cooked food....I will play that one by ear.

So generally I am seriously well, loving boot camp, loving the weight loss challenge, loving raw eating and loving the energy I have.
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