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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I'm floundering a bit. Part of it is from the recent holiday...lots of dinners out, family feasts, etc. I misbehaved. I ate too much junk, and I'm feeling the effects from it. I don't do well on vacations.
There's been lots of running around. I had been planning on doing two-a-day exercise sessions. Well it's already Wednesday, and I've only gotten in one workout each day.

Part of that is from the running about, and part of that is a goofy injury I sustained on Monday. I was vacuuming. The cord got stuck on something, and without thinking, I leaned over to give the cord a yank, and instead smashed my face into the side of the piano. Pianos are sturdy. My face, it seems, is not. Right below the eyebrow, millimeters away from the actual eyeball. It was a very close call. I got off lucky not poking out my eye on the corner of the piano. But, as it is, I have a serious shiner and a gash below my eyebrow. I seriously look like Sylvester Stallone at the end of every Rocky movie. It's not pretty. And I became painfully aware of how much I actually blink in a day.

Injuries and commitments aside, I have been doing food-related research. Well, I'm kind of just scaring myself. I read the first chapter of Wheat Belly, which is a book that describes the horrific dangers of modern-day wheat and its effects on the body. I've been getting very paranoid about genetically modified food lately. So the significant other and I took the 40 minute drive to the nearest Mariano's (slightly closer than the nearest Whole Foods) to check out the organic stuff.

We've been buying as much whole food as possible out here, produce and meat. But that stuff is still full of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, GMO's. Like it's a step in the right direction away from the processed stuff, but still not all that great. So I was thrilled to look at the organic produce and the grass-fed beef. Honestly. There's just no way for us to afford it. We splurged and got some organic ground turkey and some other stuff, but the little we put in the cart was over a hundred bucks. And even that was bypassing the stuff I really wanted. The grass-fed beef was nearly 10 dollars a pound. The organic produce was expensive too. There would be just no way to fit it into the budget unless we cut out everything else in life: internet, cell phones, electricity. Teachers don't make that much, you know. But I may take the trek out there again to stock up on some of the more affordable meat.

I just don't make enough money to eat as healthily as humanly possible. And the stuff that's in the food scares me. The more I read, the worse I feel.

And I'm still not losing weight. I gained a pound, but that might just be water retention from all the junk I've consumed. I added another Jillian video to the mix: Cardio Kickboxing. It's short, but high-impact. I haven't yet been brave enough to do that one and the 6 week six pack together. Maybe I'll start doing the Shred again. I don't know. I feel discouraged constantly.

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    Many of us have been feeling the same concerns you do. Aside from fighting with the piano:-) BTW I dislike the vacuum, cords canisters are all trouble for me! Now I have a built in vacuum and the hose plugs into the wall and sucks everything into a canister in the garage. That hose gives me fits as it twists and cuts off the suction and I hate putting it away as I need again tomorrow:-) I have seen Fat,sick and nearly dead which changed the lives of my hubby and me. We started juicing fruits and veggies for breakfast. We each lost 30 lbs and have kept it off for 18 months. We use to eat organic when money was much better, ie about five or six years ago! I've have celiac and have eaten gf for two years. Beware I gain 20 when I went gf! The processed gf foods are sicko sweet and the breads awful. The pastas are great. We don't have a whole foods close by, about an hour and lots of tolls away. We heard about pink slime in ground beef so we bought whole roasts and ground it ourselves. We could never get a product that tasted like hamburger! So what the heck is in it anyhow! We made our own ice cream when beaver anal gland was found to be in most ice creams. Our ice cream maker broke so we haven't made it in awhile and I don't eat much of the stuff from the store. Organic chicken tastes way better, to me than conventional. We only get that if we go to whole foods or a farm that is over an hour away. I've never bought the beef, so costly. So I basically am buying the cheapest stuff I can for now. We have aldi grocery stores and their produce is much cheaper. I use almond milk in cooking and organic dairy for drinking, but I rarely drink it. Our downside is cheese and chocolate! I can't get him to exercise at all. I'm just a month out of a three month slump that happened in December! I gained four lbs. I've been doing classical stretch, found it on my local PBS channel. I love if, no impact combines yoga,Pilates,Tai chi and ballet. 22 minutes will kick your butt, if you are a softy like me! But I feel longer, leaner and less jiggly! Good luck I'll help if I can! emoticon
    1807 days ago
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