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Things I know to be true about myself

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I got an idea to write a list of things I know to be true about me. I'm not sure how much that will be but I think it would be fun and maybe I'll learn more about me through this :) Let's get started.

1. I'm a female
2. I'm over weight.
3. I eat when I'm stressed or bored (mostly)
4. I get emotional easily
5. I play Dungeons and Dragons
6. I love Star Trek: The Next Generation
7. I love to paint
8. I love to write
9. I nerd out often
10. I love animals
11. I used to want to be a vet and save animals.
12. I can't stand blood.. or guts (which would explain why I'm not a vet)
13. I hate clowns
14. I don't like needles
15. I love tattoos
16. I watch video game commentators on YouTube
17. I was born in Arkansas
18. Half my life was in Oklahoma
19. I've been To Las Vegas
20. I love roses
21. I'm lazy
22. I actually like doing push ups
23. I believe in Ghost
24. I'm a fan of Brent Spiner, Robert Downy Jr., Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lawrence, Hallie Barry, Patrick Stewart, Lavar Burton...
25. I grew up watching the Reading Rainbow and reading Dr. Seuss.
26. I love to read
27. I'm addicted to bread and chocolate.
28. Giving up soda was easy.
29. I want to be a ghost hunter
30. I actually like learning.
31. I avoid math like the plague
32. I never smoked, done drugs or been drunk
33. I wish I kept in contact with friends from high school
34. my favorite dog that I had growing up was a black lab named Fancy.
35. I don't like any form of abuse.
36. I want kids
37. I'm shy.
38. I tend to doubt myself easily
39. I always think I'm gonna mess something up.
40. If I feel like I'm in trouble I tend to close up.
41. I love traveling
42. I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 19
43. Nov. 2012 I had my first real heart break which sent me into a depression.
44. I'm constantly changing.
45. I don't take care of my hair as well as I should.
46. I love listening to spoken word poetry
47. I want to go to all the nerdy conventions to meet all my nerdy idols, (Cast of ST:TNG)
48. I don't have a religion.
49. I tend to question myself a lot.
50. I tend to not ask questions when I don't understand something
51. I believe I have ADD or ADHD but never been diagnose, it's hard to concentrate on one thing.
52. I don't like being over weight
53. I feel unpretty most of the time
54. I look in the mirror and all I see is fat.
55. I want to go running.
56. I'm a lazy person who wishes she wasn't lazy.
57. I have low self-esteem
58. I don't have many friends
59. I'm addicted to the internet.
60. I bite my nails... though I'm trying to let them grow.
61. I dont know how to apply make up.
62. I never liked my nose
63. I have bad posture
64. most of the time I'm not happy. :/
65. I'm sure I've been battling depression for the past 3 years and never realized it until now.
66. I'm naive when it comes to trusting people.
67. I get jealous of other people quickly.
68. I envy naturally skinny people.
69. I love bacon
70. I love chocolate cake.
71. I always ask to pet a dog when they're being walked outside (unless the owner looks mean or they tell me he/she bites)
72. Being told "I love you" by a child is the best feeling.
73. I like the taste of cake batter better than I do when its bakes.
74. seeing a child smile at me in the store makes me happy and I always smile back.
75. When sitting in the waiting room of the eye clinic I read "Highlites"
76. I'm not a big movie person... unless it Iron Man.
77. I love going on walks.
78. I love walking around cemeteries.
79. I get annoyed easily
80. I tend to take things harder than I should.
81. I expect results almost instantly.
82. I get discourage easily
83. I give good advice but never take them myself.
84. I get upset when things don't go my way.
85. I'm afraid of spiders
86. I'm afraid of the dark (so the best idea is to become a ghost hunter!?!)
87. I get excited easily.
88. I get bored easily
89. I love pizza
90. I've become somewhat of a recluse
91. I wear glasses and contacts
92. black is my favorite color
93. I don't like chips
94. I don't like sea food.
95. I hate cleaning
96. I tend to get protective of things
97. I'm a hoarder but try to part with things with little to no meaning.
98. I don't like working with money or food.
99. I don't eat at fast foods
100. I love drawing hearts on my hand
101. I tend to trust people easily... though wearily.

I got to 101... I'm sure I can do more but maybe next time. :) It's amazing how much I know about myself yet still feel like I don't really know myself at all. A lot of these are things I want to improve on and quit (like biting my nails)... if you have any suggestions, that would be great. :D
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're beautiful, you have a great heart, and you're a blessing to be around. I love you with all my heart. emoticon
    1144 days ago
    Celebrate YOU!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1144 days ago
  • v JADOMB
    First step to correcting weaknesses is to acknowledge they exist. Many of what you listed are just normal likes and dislikes and have no need of correcting. But only you can judge this. I'm afraid my list would be so long I'd run out of ink on my printer. ;-)

    By the way, "hating clowns" is not a bad thing, they should be banned. LOL
    1146 days ago
  • v SUNSET09
    emoticon Now that you're in the mndset of making a list of what you know about yourself, concentrate on the good things about yourself. I'm sure, you can add a few more things as well. 1) What's for me, is for me! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1146 days ago
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