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The Bottom Line: 04.03.13: Pre- Weigh-In

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

This is it. I feel it in my heart. After 2 years, I'm confident that I'm going to break out of my 148-150 pound plateau and finally reach my goal weight of 125 pounds. For good.

I am a planner. I spent the last two weeks planning my weight loss plan, just like I did more than three years ago, when I weighed at least 210 pounds. I pretended that I was at square one and started from scratch.

I broke out the index cards, and wrote down my goals, in the S.M.A.R.T. format:

I'm planning to weigh myself every Wednesday morning (hence the name Weigh-In Wednesdays), and I wrote down my weekly target in the back. My ultimate goal is 125 pounds, but I decided to continue the weight loss equation until I decide what to do about maintenance:

The official start for The Bottom Line weight loss plan was on Monday March 25, 2013. The first week went okay -- I made all of my workouts, but ate way above calorie range each day.

A few highlights for Week One:

Tuesday 03.26: I decided to change my fitness routine and take spinning on Tuesdays since one of my favorite instructors has a class before work. AMAZING class! I literally have the upbeat playlist in my head for the rest of the week.

Thursday 03.28: I returned to a Thursday morning exercise class after a bit of an absence. It was HARD as hell, but I know from experience that my butt and legs will thank me by Earth Day. I realized that plain bagels are my true calling in life. (I went 100 percent vegan for Lent.)

Saturday 03.30: One of my favorite gym instructors asks us about our purpose in life. I didn't have a clue, and I hated that. It's the last day of Lent, and therefore the last day of eating vegan. And I stuck with it all the way! To celebrate, I went to a fabulous vegan spot with my hardcore meat-loving brother. We both agreed that the food was amazing! And I decided that while Lent 2013 may be over, vegan eating will never be over in my book.

Sunday 03.31: I overate to break the vegan spell: pancakes, a chocolate bunny, jelly beans. And a burger and a half. Yikes!

Monday 04.01: This was one of the first Mondays in a long time that I woke up after more than 7.5 hours of sleep. It feels great. My eating started okay, but I eventually succumbed to the last of those jelly beans. Major post-dinner binging.

Tuesday 04.03: I took that spin class again. And again, I felt awesome. Plus, it was in a new, bigger studio. With disco balls and colored lights! Outside of overdosing on 4 Mary Jane candies, I ate pretty well. I happily chugged water and snacked on broccoli at work. I blew calorie range by 200 calories because I ate some post-dinner pistachios and grapes. But I drank tea to stop it from going further. Outside of Lent, I normally eat vegetarian (meat/fish/egg-free) on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Only broke that habit once -- more than two years ago! Check out my 475-calorie dinner below!

Veggies: Steamed spinach, mushrooms, and carrots
Protein: Black beans and sliced Tofurky Italian sausage
Dressings: Wishbone Light Italian (my favorite salad dressing EVER!), hummus, and a dash of green pepper Tabasco

Today 04.03: I had a good day. The pre-work workout was ok, but I'll definitely plan for a more challenging cardio session next time. Had a 115-calorie carb attack in the mid-afternoon, so I cut back to make up for it. Clean eating for dinner again -- I had a huge chicken salad (all homemade) for dinner. Blew calorie range by about 150 calories this time.

Upcoming Challenges before 04.10.13 Weigh-In:
#1: I'm going out for drinks with my co-workers tomorrow. I'll need to ignore the peer pressure, and stick with the two glasses of wine I have planned.
#2: My outdoor running regimen will return on Saturday, May 4th. With just four weeks left, I need to stay motivated with my interval treadmill plan so I can run as well as I did in December.
#3: I have some tough fitness classes ahead. I need to remind myself to break out of my comfort zone.
#4: I'm planning to go out to a bar to watch the SU vs. Michigan game (LET'S GO ORANGE, LET'S GO!). I'm also trying to set up dinner with friends over the weekend. I need to leave enough calories for both events so I won't deprive myself.

Weigh-In Goal for 04.10.13: 152 pounds
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