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Bibbulmun Trek, Week One, Perth Area. Day Four **Virtual *

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Okay, Okay......this is the fourth day of the trek .....we are still in Perth, getting to know and sight see the surrounding area. Of course, my notes for days one through three mysteriously got mislaid.....Did you see them, Bonbon and Gail? Those pictures were certainly funny.....*grin* yeah, yeah, I have pictures of me as well. I will go back to tell you later about days one through three, but is day four and wow.....what an incredibly awe inspiring day it has been . Our fearless leaders managed to get us all corralled and herded onto a bus and we made it there just in time to see the sun rise over the Pinnacles. Heart Stopping and eerie but oh, so dramatic and magnificent.

What an amazing day. Even though my feet are sore and my calves are screaming out, "Have mercy", I am incredibly relaxed. Okay, maybe relaxed is not the right word for it. But, content, maybe. I was blown away by the Pinnacles. Wow. They really got my imagination working overtime. The possibilities of what caused them were endless. Were they perhaps the remnants of a lost civilization........or perhaps mind went into overdrive.....even though I had read that they were seashells which had built up over the centuries.. who knew how long ......they had been standing there as sentinels......guarding the ancient shoreline.... They reminded me of Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon on La Grande Jatte" the painting of the families promenading on a lazy afternoon and the women with their voluminous skirts and umbrellas. While I did not see any umbrellas, I could swear that I saw one of the "women" wave at me......Oh, wait,that was Bonbon, who had sneaked behind one to get a picture of Gail and me.

I got a painting of the sun rising over The Pinnacles, it is stunning. Though I had gotten some postcards of the Pinnacles earlier I do hope my pictures turn out gorgeous on this one.

Link to the Pinnacles, Western Australia

Then we walked across to Lake Thetis....where we viewed the Stromatolites which was definitely awe inspiring. They are said to be the world's oldest living life form, much older than me....Okay, enough of that snickering, know that I was only be facetious....Anyway, they are well over 3000 years old. Do I hear a gasp, a thouhtful intake of breath.......yeah, that was my reaction too.Oh.. a correction...just read in my guidebook that they(the fossils -- not the living ones) have been in existence for 3.5 billion years but only known by fossils until discovered in 1956 in Shark Bay, Australia. Wow.....that really is older than me.

Got some awesome pictures, even one of me waving at an emu....okay, I didn't get off the bus to see it up close but did get a pretty decent shot of it. Oh, yeah, Bonbon took that one....funny to me how they keep borrowing my camera to take some funny shots of us all, but we are having such a fantastic time, I don't really mind because it will be such fun to have such wonderful memories of us all being here in Perth and in Australia. I really got to get my journal and get the blog written for the first three packed and incredible sights.

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention.....yeah, yeah, how could I forget that sight......? we saw a shark ......of course it was quite a ways out, but it isn't called Shark Bay for nothing. Glad that I wasn't in the water at that point.
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