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Gym Blog: My Temp Job

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

"Gym Blog" is a "series" that I'm running where I type my blogs out on my phone while working out at the gym.

Today, I am getting my free training session at the gym I just joined by work. They're clearly trying to sell me on purchasing training sessions but, frankly, I'm poor and uninterested. But free is free! This blog I'm typing while I'm doing a fifteen minute warm up, so it will have to be short!

Work has been AWESOME. I am the temp administrative assistant in a retail leasing company. Primarily I pay bills for the company, but I'll also run reports, order supplies, and other related things. It's actually far more interesting than I expected, though it's a steep learning curve. I can't just pay off the companies that do work for us--I have to ensure that we're paying from the correct account so the budget remains correct--and there are LOADS of accounts! And right now I can't get a lot of my answers questioned because so much is going on. The leasing company owns a mall and the business buildings surrounding it, and right now we're preparing for the opening of a Costco that will be attached to the mall, as well as a bunch of smaller stores that will be near the Costco--the whole wing is new and expanding. Which is really exciting, but also a LOT of prep work, so everyone's focus has been on that. I spent most of today prepping gift bags for the first 250 people who show up each day for the opening week (we did 500 today and need 1,500 total).

But it's been pretty great. What I really love about it is how I have an way excuse to keep moving during the day. I have to go on "mall walks" throughout the day to make sure that things are progressing correctly, or to get information from tenants, etc. And I walk around during my lunch break (and run errands--we also have a target, so today I picked up more multivitamins).

I have to sign off and go meet with my trainer, but know that my job is AWESOME, and not a fake awesome like my last job.

Post Note: Free training was a waste of my time. Oh, well.
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