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Am I really ready to commit to a new change in lifestyle?

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

How are you feeling today?
Have you been able to stick to your plans? If yes, what is working for you... if no,, what is not working for you
Are you still riding the wave of euphoria with the prospects of some great goal?

Take the time to really dig deep and see if you are committed
to this change in your life or if there is a little part of you that
is reluctant.

So often, people will lament about starting a diet
or weight loss program and by the 3rd day it's just too hard or
doesn't work. Really look at your plan and decide if you need
to tweak your ideas and changes. Remember, radically chang-
ing your whole lifestyle is very difficult. Consider taking a few
areas at a time and begin to ease into good healthy changes:

I am not sure if I am totally ready to lose weight,,, the truth of the matter is that YES,,, part of me is reluctant,,, I like eating ice cream at 11 pm or 4 cookies and milk for lunch,,,,,,,, I feel like I am fighting against myself...... and I am frustrated.... I don't feel defeated but I know that I am using food in an improper manner...... I know I need portion control.... I eat good foods ... just too much of them,,, because I am using the food to "feel good" and to "keep the bad feelings away"... to push down any sad/lonely/uncomfortable feelings....... which logically is quite silly but in my reality,,, in my life,,, that is what I do. I radically change my life for a few days and then fall back into my old patterns of behavior. My relationship with food has to change,,, food is for energy ,,,, not for feeling better. Maybe I should take up drinking a glass of wine as well,,, it would save me tons of calories! LOL

Kidding aside,,, I have to be really mentally, emotionally and physically to make a change in my life. But I have so many changes going right now ... that it is hard for me to stay on track.
Nevertheless, I do want this,,,, so my committment is to go to a nutrition/weight loss support class and learn a healthy relationship with food.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hear you, sister, and could have written some of this myself.

    Undoubtedly it's not easy, else everyone would be fit and healthy. You know what to do now just have to do it. I'm right there with you!
    1547 days ago
    1575 days ago
    Thanks so much for your blog. You caught me on a day that I am not feeling so hot and not feeling so committed either-but not sure why at all. I have goals to reach both short and long term, but I too feel like emotional eating is getting in the way sometimes. I think I need to ramp up my vision board and remind myself how good it felt to drop those 20 pounds in the first place! Please keep me in your prayers and I'll keep you in mine!
    1575 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    As long as u make steps, everything else will fall into place. Its called....faking it until u make it! Some of us HAVE to do it, because we want something, but just not fully all in yet. But u will be. We have a tendency to do for everyone else but OURSELVES. But the silly thing is, as long as were doing for ourselves we are doing for the ones we love. Another thing is, u can still lose weight as long as ur in ur cal range ( or pts) not sure if you decided to go ahead and do weight watchers yet, but that's what the program was re formulated for, its FORCES yourself to ask is this food worth it. I couldn't enjoy granola bars etc, because it was 5 pts for a flippin granola bar, so I had to ask do I want that granola bar bad enough, or should I be using that 5 pts on something good for me.
    Ive noticed I eat more processed stuff because im counting calories, and im not forced to think about what im eating. But at the same time as long as I track, im eating in portion. as long as ur tracking ur looking at what ur eating.
    I know u can do this girly. U know im always behind u , 1000%.
    1575 days ago
    Sounds lke an excellent plan! I am focusing on one big change at a time - right now it is giving up pop/soda.... ALL of it. Since I am not a coffee or tea drinker and pop is pretty much what I drink - that has been huge! I am also committed to walking one mile at least 5 times a week. Once I am comfortable with the pop being gone I am going to tackle increasing my veggie/fruit intake. I do ok with protein, fruit isn't too bad, but veggies are always the last thing on my plate and the thing I like the least. Never have to worry about the bread being left behind! Once I can do that mile comfortable, I will increase my distance to 1.5 miles or 2 miles.

    It isn't about depriving ourselves, its about replacing our unhealthy lifestyle and food choices with healthier ones. Being overwhelmed and quitting is not an option for this girl this time around!!!!!

    Sounds like you have a plan - keep it simple and stick with it!!! We can do this!!!!!
    1575 days ago
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