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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

And a short update, as I am pressed for time as usual.

Every Spring and every Fall, like clockwork, I can for sure count on the fact that a sinus infection is going to try to come over me and make my life miserable for 8 - 12 weeks. I was on antibiotics for years which ruined my health and was recommended for sinus surgery, etc.; an extreme case. NO THANK YOU to the surgery. I cured myself with SinuFix, all natural, works like a charm, the only place I know to get it is online at Vitacost or Swanson.

For the last 6 or so weeks I've had a runny, sneezy nose at night but since it was clear which is good sign of detox, I didn't care. I used up alot of kleenex, but every morning felt fine. In Feb and a few times in March, I took SinuFix, and tried to get back on my vitamin routine. Geesh I think that's worse than trying to stay on an exercise regime. I hate swallowing pills. Anyway, March flew by and I stopped taking vitamins.

Last night I had the sneezy, runny, use-alot-of-kleenex thing again, which to be honest I blew off because I felt fine.

This morning I woke up with the beginnings of a sore throat; very slight, not quite sore yet. But definitely grabbed my attention. Definitely a lead-in to bigger things.

I sprang into action, got out my box of supplements to see what and how much I had left, ate breakfast, drank tea this time with honey, and took my million pills, including SinuFix. Hope I caught it in time, as sinus infections always start one of 3 ways with me: feeling like you're swimming underwater without an oxygen tank; a sore throat; or a peculiar headache that does not feel like a normal headache.

In April 4 years ago when I ran out of SinuFix and couldn't order more until the first of June, I was sick from the middle of April til the middle of June.

You can take up to 4 a day; I normally take a maintenance dose of one a day if I'm being good, and especially one a day every Fall and every Spring. But I fell off the wagon in March. Today I will take a second one right before my shift at the piddly pay job, and another one tonight before bed, since waking up with a sore throat is very very bad sign, indeed, with me. 3 in one day should nip this in the bud.

I can't afford sickness while job hunting. I have enough problems as it is, finding a job. That depressed, sluggish, want-to-bawl-for-no-reason feeling I have with sinus infections (Sinus Infection Misery) is something I just can't afford right now.

On a positive note, the Spring trees are in their peak bloom here, just gorgeous beautiful. So beautiful you just want to stop and stare and drink them in.

And speaking of blooming trees, I definitely think I have the type of sinus inflammatory extreme reaction the Mayo Clinic speaks about; there is link between the reaction and fungal sinus infections. Mayo says some have an extremely inflammatory reaction to allergens. Such as the beautiful trees.

I am very thankful I have no other signs, the typical signs of allergy suffering (other than all that kleenex!), but there's no doubt in my mind that it's no accident I have this issue every Fall & every Spring when allergens are in all their glory.

Speaking of fungus, I HAVE to get back on xylitol. I love honey and all it's healthy and natural properties, but it has an extremely high glycemic index, and I'm trying to dodge Type 2; and there is no insulin spike with xylitol because of the way it metabolizes. It is a natural sweetener, it recalcifies bone and teeth, and it kills fungus. Which is probably why it's proven to help with sinus infections. According to Mayo, most sinus infections are fungal. You don't know until your doctor takes a culture, however, sends it to the lab, and waits for the results to come back. Next time your doc writes a prescription on the spot for your sinus/upper respiratory infection, ask him/her if it's bacterial / viral / fungal. If they don't know, but have already written you a prescription for antibiotics, that means you need a new doctor.

And now I have to sign off to vaccuum the floors upstairs, and clean the kitchen floor and 3 hardwood floors downstairs. Then will jump in the shower and go to work at the piddly pay job. Hope your Hump Day is a good one, be blessed!

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    Hope you are feeling better by now.
    1814 days ago
    I certainly hope you don't have a sinus infection. You know how I hate those. I'm allergic to a certain flowering tree and it usually hits in May.
    1814 days ago

    I use a Neti-Pot each evening to wash out pollen and other noxious things.
    1815 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/7/2013 7:13:30 PM
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