re-wind four years ago

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Over the weekend i was able to wear a pair of capri pants that have been sitting in my closet for four years! Not only did they fit but they were loose. That made me think of that summer of 2009, i was married for only 6 months and we just moved to the area. I gained about 20 pounds after our wedding and had to go shopping for more clothes. Those capri's was part of that shopping spree. The following year was 2010 and i gained another 15 pounds, so i was unable to wear anything from the previous year if it didn't stretch. So there they sat for 3 more years until this weekend! I was worried about my progress and that is was going slower than i had planned, but i had to give myself a break. I just got myself back to where i was four years ago, now moving forward to get myself back to 200lbs. by the time i'm forty. That is my first goal. Then i will choose another goal, but for right now i have 20 more pounds to go!!! LET's DO IT!!

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