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Gym Blog: A FitBit One Review

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I might start a series of "Gym Blogs," blogs I write on my phone while at the gym while working out. Goodness knows, I don't have time otherwise.

I will write about my temp job, but maybe later this week. However, it's been pretty great and I'm pretty happy doing this. I hope it's something I can do long term. Buy more on that another time.

What I DO want to blog about today is my new FitBit. I've had my FitBit One for a bit over a week now, and definitely have formed some opinions.

For starters, I think the FitBit is TOTALLY FUN. I really enjoy tracking everything! It motivates me to keep moving because I enjoy seeing the step tracker increase. I'll stop by people's offices to ask them things so I can get a few steps in. If my number is less than 5000 by noon, I try to get a mall walk in. (I work in the managing office at a mall.) I care about climbing steps so I can try to get my steps badge. It's simple fun, but it keeps me moving. I totally think it was worth it. I also like that it syncs to my SP account because I'm lazy, so now I don't have to keep track of exercise minutes.

Now for the cons:
This is NOT a heart rate monitor, so it doesn't count my exercise minutes correctly. Yesterday I got a badge for doing 250 minutes in a month. I did not exercise for 250 minute yesterday! The FitBit takes my brisk walking as exercise, and while it's no stroll, my heart rate does not go up high enough to count as cardio. Since I do not have a real heart rate monitor, I don't know how accurate the calorie tracker on my FitBit is. However, I have noticed that it is incorrectly giving numbers to SP. SP thinks I've burned 1751 calories this week from exercise. I'm inclined to say that is not even remotely true. So that's a disadvantage.

Also, the sleep tracker is...alright. It has two settings: sensitive and normal. The sensitive setting will say my sleep is ABYSMAL regardless of how I felt I slept. The normal setting says I typically have a FANTASTIC sleep regardless. So I don't know if I just don't know how I'm sleeping, or if it really doesn't work very well.

However, I do love it. Maybe because it's chic and "in." Maybe because it encourages me to keep moving. Regardless, it's given me a positive outlook on exercising regularly again--my boyfriend has even noticed how much joy I take from seeing the numbers grow, seeing my flower bloom as I keep moving.

If only I could adhere to a better diet, these seven pounds would be gone already!

Do I recommend it? I don't know. That's up to you. But I love it.

I will remind you, though--it's not a heart rate monitor. Neither is the Jawbone, Nike Fuelband, nor Bodyfit. If you want the most accurate calorie counter, get a heart rate monitor.

I hope you all have a LOVELY week!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've been going back and forth on getting one so thanks for your opinion. Every little bit of information helps when making a purchase like that.
    1785 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Awesome review - I've toyed around with the thought of buying one, but I don't think the benefits are worth the price for me.
    1785 days ago
    Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad that you love yours - and I'm going to have to really think about whether or not it's worth it to me to get one!
    1785 days ago
    I have a Zip so I don't get the stair count or the sleep monitor, but I love all the same things about it as you do. I still, however, rely on SP to track calories burned through exercise as I find it to be more accurate. It's great though to see how many steps I've taken and it's definitelya motivator as I now take the long way to get to the restroom in the office, etc.
    1785 days ago
    I love my fitbit too! It's great motivation to keep moving. I feel the same though - I am not exactly thrilled to see it count non-fitness minutes during the day as exercise. Yes I am moving, but I agree with you - not enough to get my heart rate up to where I need it to burn real calories and count. Glad to hear the new job is going well! Can't wait to hear more about it!
    1785 days ago
    I love mine, too. I agree with the exercise minute/calorie burned issue. I have been syncing mine, but I may stop that and go back to entering my actual fitness minutes while still getting the motivation of the step counter/mileage tracker. My Fitbit certainly has got me moving more. I walked 35 miles last week; I wasn't doing anywhere close to that before my Fitbit purchase.
    1786 days ago
  • SNIC23
    I was considering buying one for myself. Thank you for sharing your experience with the FitBit, it helps to read reviews from real people! I do hope you share more as you go along.

    1786 days ago
    Great blog explaining the FitBit. I didn't really understand what it was meant to do until reading this. So, thanks for the info! You are doing an awesome job! Keep it up!
    1786 days ago
    emoticon review! IMO anything that motivates you to keep moving is good right?
    1786 days ago
  • DAWNESS0404
    I like my fitbit too... however I no longer sync mine w/ Spark because I only want my actual exercise minutes to count! Since I am trying to get myself back on track I havent been wearing it all the time but only when I exercise. Now last fall I was wearing it all day. I do know that you can hold the button on the fitbit and it will "start" when you want to actually track exercise minutes/calories burned and when you are done hold the same button until it says "stop". That is what I do when I go for walks and it gives you a more accurate account of your calories burned and your miles walked. Its pretty cool overall though, and I have had mine for about 2 years and have had no problems at all with mine. I also got this one free from work but I would buy one if something happens to this one!
    1786 days ago
    Thanks for the review. I have thought about getting one, but have been putting it off.
    1786 days ago
    Thanks for the review. I am thinking of buying this too!
    1786 days ago
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